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Democratic Nominations

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Democratie ward caucuses wuro bola M Wedaesday cvening, pursuant to cal! oabdidatea nominated for Aldermon to( Constables, dulegatus olected to Utd Git] Convelition, to bo lield tUis eveuiug, anc Ward CuiuinittuüS appointed. l'he candidatos noiuiiuittd ure I For Aldermcn - lst Ward - Martin Clark. 2d - George F. Lutz: 3,1 -John B. Dow; Ith " -John Clancy for fiiíl terin j John Georgo Miller for vaöancy: 5th Ward - no aomiuationi 6th " - no noiiliiiiUiori. For Constables - lst Word- Erailus M. Richardson: 2J " - Thomas F. Jjeönard. 3d " - Thomas J. Iloskius. 4th " - Jobn Laughlin. 3th " - no nomination: üth " - no noiniilatioii. Some of these öandidatea are goda iheh and woulJ make good oiKcers; but truth compols us to say that some of them are nominations nol fit lo be made, and rofluct no credit either upon the party at largo or thoso who engineered the caucuses. Sayir.g this much, the electors who know theui are ut Iiberty to "sort them out" eacli tor liiniself. The Ward Committees are : tst Ward - A. Widenmann, J. J. Parshall, J. J. Kobison. 2d Ward-Jtiha N. Gott, Thomas F. Loonnrd, John G. Grossman. 3d Ward- ïïenry Paul, l,uke Coyle, Benj. F. AVatts. 4th Ward - L. 11. Slawson, John EUale, Peter Carey. óth Ward- Martin Scaboll, Frank Ortman, S. Owen. üth K 7ard- Theodore F. McDonald, II. P. Fiuley, Geo. H. Pond. At the "irregular " liepublican convention held on Thursday evening of last week, the following candidatos for city and district officers wero nominated : For Mayor - Kansom S. Smitii. For Recorder - Leoxiiakd Gruxer. For Justke of the l'cace - Fbaxki.ix Cate for full term ; James Donovax for vacancy. For Buptnitor - lst and 2(1 Wards - Conrad Krapf. 3d " 4th " - Alouzo A. Gregory. 5th " 6th " - Robert P. Glazier. 'ir Collectors ■ lst and '2d Wards- Charles B. Thompson. 3d and 4th Wards - Georgo A. Gilbert. 5th " Cth " - Eli Manly. The list of candidates tor Aldermen and Constables - " irregulais" - was pablished last week. The Corunua American of the 21st lust. nayi : " We speak dvlsedly when we say that mensures are now beinur taken to commCDcn at onec the cons'.ru;ti n of the Eist Saglnaw and Anii Arbor Riüroarl, to counect witli the Toledo rond at the letter pace - work to conimence simultaneotisly ïorth and south of Cornnna. Oentlemen of capital are to enter Into the work on Mondsy nuxt, and not ceasj tlieir labors until the road is an acknowtedged fact and he cars running." That is the kind of talk our readers vvill be lad to hear. The Demócrata of the 3d and 4th Warda, fhinldiig their district unfairly dealt by in the nomination of a Supervisor on the Cilizens' Ticket, will mako an extra efïort to olcct a Democrat. The Citizens' Committeo should have regardofl tho politics of wards and districts a ittlo more closely, and would have troiirthcned their ticket by doing so. 'ho district nnraeil is imtitled to a Domoratio Supervisor, and we hope will lec.t a good one. The po'ls of tlic city electlon on Momlay ext will be helft at tlie followiug places : lst Wurtl- at tíorg's sho;. 2il " -at Gco. Frcvmau's barber sliop. 3rl " - at the Conrt House. 4tli - ut Firemen's Hall. 5th " at Geo. II. Rhodes' shop. OtH " - at McDonaWa store. Tlie po'.ls wlll open at 9 o'clock A. M., or as soon thereafter a may be, and close t 4 o'clock lJ. M , prtcitAy. Vote iu seaOQ. TllE regular Republican Ward Caucuses woru severally hold ou Wednesday evening, with a largo turn out in each ward. We understand that in evury instanco the men on the 'Citizen's Ticket wore endorsed or nominatod, and that delegates were appointud to the City Convyntion -held last evening -favorable to the nomination of the Citizens' City Ticket. Voters in the Townshlps must register o-morrow - f not already registered - or hey cannot vote on Monday next. The 5iiirls of Reglstration will be In session at he office of the Towuship Clerk ia eacli rownsiiip. The April nambw of the Ltxlies' Reposiory is a little later than lts cotemporaries, but none the less ivelcome. lts steel en[ravlnga aft ; " Jjake Pepln, Mississlppi íiver,1' and a portrait of Hon. Qeo.T. Cobb, and besides these four artic'.es have very fine woocl illustratlons - not hatchet cuts and daubs, " Make me to understand Thy Word," "ARamble in Peru," "Gerard Mcator," " Luterworth Chunk and John WreklURj." The table of contents covers the usual wide range, and iucludes many readable articles. $3.50 a year. IIitciicock & Walden-, Olnclnnatl. From the same we have the April QnUUn Ilours, a capital number of a capital magazine, every pase of whicli the jirls and boys may and will read with avidity. $2 aycar. Address as above. I the Toung Folk for April our ynung folks and all other fortúnate possessors of it flnd a host of good thtags. Trowbridge glvcs thrce more chapters of " A Cilanco for Hlmself," in which Jack Hazard gcts decpcr into troubie. 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Jon.v L. Snonr.Y, Bos lou.


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