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Corunna And The Railroad

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The private letter froni UOronna Is not devold Of interest to the p'ütJIü al Ihis time, aud so we givo it to uur readers : CORCKNA, ''M, löiae. i$. i'o.nd, Deur Sir: Mr. Cummins ;uul somt otliers luro war,ted me to rite M yon, as I have pre vioiisly wrlttËn. Ttiere Is inncli Rallroad cxciteinent here, but uot of the kind of wiilcli tiie Olí ó guatloma i puke at tlie meeting in Ann Arbor, wlieu thore was bot "ath'.mble fülloJf substanceaud u hojjshcad of wlucl." We have no CBA.WF0KD amons us td Blow. What our folks s:iy they mean, and they %vill perform to the utmost of their ability. It is sincere, earnest labor they mean. We have had a couiniittee appointcd for several weeks, whicli tvas to visit Ann Arljor, to trave! over the route contempluted for the roacl nortli fronl Ann Arbar toEist Boglnair, by the way of Corimna, to see how the feelng was aloiif; said route, and how mucli it iïih posstble lo uut subscribeJ, In order to fet right down to the work whlch must be loue to build the road sautli from here. The road Uirth is a sure thlog, auil the uroat trouble will be to get sufficlent sub erlptiou to grade aud tte the rond aoutli of lere. They wlsli me to say to you that they are ut work, inJ tlut t.iey design to be in Vnii Arbor at the meeting appolnted íor lie 3il of April. They waut the frlends of his route soiith 10 uniterstand that the Coumin peopls mean drork, aud have no Idea f yleldlng anythtng In thls enterprise! utl tliat llicy are determinad to flghl all hese side movements, gotten up for the )urpose of tieins; up the people by gettlng tibscriptions to other routes, thereby weak iiing anJ delédtldg this. Mr. Cummins justinfornled tüe that he would ship a barrel of coal to E. V. Moit an toexhibit Ín Aun Arbor at the tneetlnií. am tokl that the coal coinpany are now hlpplag cltiily about 40 tons - soine daya íore, and th:tt it 1 lmpossible to flll orers. The deuiand is constantly As to the grcat b!ov madeby thé Flush ng people about their stonequarry, we have he same quality of stoue bere, wiiich exends all over the flelds and has furishci.l the base for most oí' our brick nd many other buildings, and has been sed to a considerable ext-nt for thlrty eaN, and if the owners of the land would uarry or allow others to there would be lOre ol tliis stone used, Those who have ot oiu stone and used them have been reepossen. The time will come when the slone will be cxtenslvely used. I think 1 ïave said unough tlils tline. C. P. --- ►-■■ - - The April number of the Electie Afiigasine ïas for its Icadinp: article, The Later Engish Poet? - Swlnbnrne, Rossetti, Morris, f rom tïle Qmirterly Review. BesiJes, tliere are: Wnndoriiifis In Japan, by A. B. Mitford, frora VornhiXl ; Brougham and some )f hls contemporaries, JempU Bar; The 3trange Adventures of a Phntoo, by Wm. 3eacli, Cbaps. iv. - vi. ; Dickens In Relation loOritlcIsm; John Bright; Charles Suni'1 ïer, by the editor, with a line steel portralt, the first of a series of American public nen ; other papers of interest, Notesou Liiterature, Science and Art. $5 a year. E. R. Psltoh, New York. - Tlie March number did nA come to hand. 7BOSTX2TB. - ThO conviction ís, in the public mind as well as in the mi'dio:il pi-ofcssion, that tlie remedies siippliod by the Vtyclable KingUom are more safe, more raocevtftü, in tho euro of disease, thae mineral medid&O. Vegftine is compoHed of roots, bnrka and h rijs. It is pleiwant to takü, and is perfeotly safe to give to an infant. Do yoii neeü it ! Do not hc-aitale o try it. You will ncver NgTSt it. The undersiKnetl is ï-eady to receive p'ipils in cultivation of thn Voice and iu Instrumental llusic. JLcs-uiiá i;ivcn at his residencc, No. 40, cor. of Thompson and VVUUam Streets, and at tho houses of pupils. Addici, i'ostothce Box 031. J. R. 8A0E, Teacher. Miircli 22d, 1572. 136Ctf


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