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Hopeful Temperance Movement

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The agitation 111 rhé rcoman Gathohc Church of thig country in favor of tompcranco is a hopeful No class of our population need restraint in the matter of using spirituous liquors more than thnt which is controlled by the Roman Catholie priesthood. The influcncc of Father Matthew in this country has been excellent among his fellow-conntrymen, wLose popular beverage, unlike tiiat of tbe (Jermans, is one that maddens and excitos to crimos of violt nco. The only way to reach this peoplo is through' the church. Even Father Matthew, though he did not specially se tbo influenee of the priesthood, obtained his popularity in a proat raeasure frora tho ftict tfaat he ?as in holy orders. We cannot depend ou seoing, in this eestury or in the next', another man who can wield such immense personal influence ; but if the lcadiug prelates of America will combine their forces they oan carry on the good work which is left. The Bishop of Savannah has issued a ítrong pastoral letter on tho subject, in which he warmly approvcsthe sentiments of the Bishop of New who recently delivered an eloquent "temperance loetöre." The recent agitation in the Cathoiic Convention in Maryland in favor of a temperaneo organiation shows that the moyeiiíont has strength. - N. T. Post. The Chicago IiepuMican says: "Extraordinary reports como from Canada concerning the richness of the silver and gold mines upon tho northern shore of jLake Superior. At the Silvor Island mine enormous quantitios of ore are said to be takea out every áay, the nmount being limitd only by tho forcé employed. The quantity of silver is reportad tó bo innxhaustible, and it is beliVed that Hcvcntl million dollars' worth will be taken out this winter. Several other mines are doing irery well. The number of laborers employed in uil the mines is about 458. Gold-bearing qtiartz has also been found in the neighbotbood. Tho exoitement is


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