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The Son Of Robert Rurns

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The last Btnriving son of Robert Burns s dead. The poet had six childron, of whom throo sons survivod iufancy. Of liesO William ííicol Burns was tho second ; ho livcd to le cighty-two years ot' age, having heen bom in April, 1791. 3is eider brotbor, Robert, died at Dum'rio9 about ten years since. Sis younger )rother, James, died somo sovon years since. Siiïc'him he was an officer in tbc Sast India Company's service, from whiob ie retired, aftor a full term of servico, hirty years ugo. Of the thrce sons of ïobert Burns, all were childless except he second, James, who left two daughers ; of these 0110 marriort ai Irish pbyioitut) Dr. HutcbinsoTi (her sister, Annie Turns, never mnrried). She had snveral children, of whom one, Robert Burns, lutchinsow, ïecently complcted his edttcation at Christ Church Hospital, Lo:i[on. This gontloman and his sisters are he ouly deseendanta in tho follrth generation of tho poet. Colonel Burns WÍM not a very remarkablo man ; he was a nioe old gentleman, and when in the army an efficiënt officer. His resollections of lis father were not many, for he was but ive years af age when the poet died, in 796. Ho was nanicd aftcr his father's 'riend William Nicol, a niaster iu the Sdinburgh nigli School, and one of the ihreecelebritiesnamedin "Willi! Brewed a Peck o' Maut," Colonel Burns has een íniried in tho Burns mausoleum, at DumtVies, whero his father, his motber, oiid his world-widely celcbratod mother,


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