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The Girl Who Wins

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-Tho time has )asseu ftwuy when woman must ba pale and dolicato ta be Cfilled interesting - when sho must be totally ignorant of all general knowledgo to be callod refined and higli-brcd - when she must know nothing of the cnrront political news of ;he day, or bo oalled masculine and stronginindod. It is not a sign of high birth or refinoment to bo sickly and ignorant. TJiose who affect anything of the kind an behind ;ho time-!, and must shake up an air themselves mentally and physically, or drop under the firm stridos of couimon sonso ideas, and be crusked into Uttor insignificanoê. Ia these days an active, rosy-faced girl, with brain quick and olear, a wariti, liglit ïoart, a tempor quickly heated at intended insult or injury, and just as quick to 'orgive; whose feotoan run as f ast as hor longue and not put hef out of broath ; who is not afraid of freukles, or to breatho :he pure air of heavon, unrestrained by drawn curtains or a close carriago ; aud, above all, who can spoak her inind and ive hor opinión on important topics that nterest intelligent people, is the true girl who will makc a good woman. ïhis 13 thf girl who wins in these days. Zvcn fops and duKÜes who strongly op joje woman's riglits, like a woman who an talk woll, even if shp is not handsome. rheywearyof tho most beautiful creaure if she is not smart. Thoy say, " Aw, yes, she is a beauty, and no mistake, but sho won't do for me - lacks brains" - of vhich commodity it would seom she can lavo but little uso in her association with lim ; howevcr, to please even an ouiptyleadod fop, a woutsn intfst know sotuothing.


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