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Real Estáte For Sale. STATE Of aiCUlÜAÍf , o ■:-. ty'.t Waahtanai 'i the rtutter of U16 ■■-■.' ol Polly Gotddj i Notice is hereby giren, that ín pursuimteof pimted to the undereígni 4, Administrator oi r v ilio Jíon. Jude of ' iuitt í'or the county of VfiKlítenaw, on the iwelfth l da) i Februaiy.A. I, [872, theie will be sold ir J public vtmdue, to the highwt bidder, at dweiling c i the premiaos ftereiuufter descritxtil, in tht: oount) of Washtenaw, iu aftid State, tn Satorday. the ( thirtieth day of Marón A. I), im, atoneo'dook inthe l bat day (subject tó all encumbi - by raortgtige or otherwne ejristing at tbe time oi the denthut uaid deceused), thc foHuwing descnbed real J ertato. r.jv.-ií: Theeasi half of the ; ter ana Ine nortnwi .-t qúarter of soetion twenty-ibree coutiiining t#o hundredand iorty acres more or les; tari nf t tu. wm1 half of the hou th went quarter oí said seetion twenty-threv, uuntaininf,' tliirty ' aera ; the cast half of the northwesa quai-terof sec■.! y-six. contuining i more or lcss ; and oIm tbe wesl balf of thé nprtliwesi quarterox eotion twenty-nine. contaüüng elghty acre more or Icsíí. al] ín townabip Üiree south of range thieceast in . oíd Btate. Dated, Febuary i2ih, A. D. 1871. JOHN J. ROBr8ON, 1301 Administrólo. Real Estáte for Sale. STATE Of .HK HKiAN'.eoiinty uf Wiishtcnaw, su. Ln tho matter of tho estáte of Samuel li. Thorn, Kmeliue lí. Thorn, tawis .1. Thom, Bbenezer E. Tliuni, Mary Thorn, Euphemiu Thorn, Alies Tborn, uk C. Thorn, minotV; tfjtfoe 4 hereby given, thatinpnrsauuce afán oftiár granted totheunder-; -ii ,1. liuanliiiti of iJiíH(eoi f wud minors by the Hun Judgcol Probate for the nouiiiy of Wwíhlenaw, on the eleventh doy of Deoember, A. p. 1871, there will besóla1 aj public vendue, tothe bigheet tídder, at the dweUing house on the premisas hereinafter deBcríl ed, ín tho oounty of Waahtenaw, la said sute, on 'i'it.sri;iy, the seoond day of April, A. 1). 1072, attenocloaklnthefbrei ngftlwl day, [subject to all enoonUvanceti b mortfCHpeorotl erwiM axisting al the lime of sale, uml also subject to the right of riower of thc undersigned H widow of ('bailen Thmn, de, tne luuowing dwcnbed real ntate, Ufwit: Tne ondivideU eiírht-nintha [8-9] oí eaahol tbefollowing deaeribed paréela of land, vi.: Pari of lot A or v.-i-t HuhdiviKion oj tbe aouthweat fractional qnarter of pcction beven, bagmtiing it the nortfaeurt comer cf said lot A, running aoutfa ou 1 tliirty minI nini and two links lo a theeast lineof said lot A, thenoe Bouth elghty-nine ilr-LMTt's and thiity niinutcK west tvtnty chuiña nuil eigfat links to a stoke uu thu west line of said : oction seven, thenoe alona said line north one degi-ce treí t, thirb on ohaixis and Cwalinka to aqnaitei eorn , fchenoa along tbe quarter Une ourthi ighty-nino and tbirty mnlntee east fcwenty ofaains and tbirty-one li&ks to tbe plade of Ix-ainninp, containing twonty-etxand 60-100 acre. Al división ot the northwoBt fractionfil quartei seclion aeren, containing eiahty-one and 65-100 aeras. And also of the nonth pan of the west part of the íiouthwesí traotionnl quartei of booI ion :-i", contaioing fort y acres ; all tn townsbip four soath ui range three eaat, in Boíd si ate. Dated, February Iftthj A. I). Itn. 13G1 ' SAÜAIIC. XiJUllX, Guardian. Real Estáte for Sale, UTATK OF MICHIGAN, coimty of Wafthtenaw, 88. '-5 -Tu thu1 matter of the ostate of Jacob ilanser, Caroiii'1 Uanuer, and Kliznheth Saueor, iqíqots: Noüco íh hereby given, th&4 iu puxsnaxtce of un order gi'antfHü io the undersjgned, Guardián ol tli estáte of said minors, by theílon. Jtrigeoi Pro coonty titcoaw, on the tweltthdar oi February, A 1. 187-, thexe will W sold it publiovon ue. tothe í bidder, at the öoutli door of tha Court House, city of Anii Arbor, in the county of Waahm iitiil Btate), on Vehi0(sday, thc tonth !ay ui April, A. D. 182, at ten o'clock ïu the fffrenooa of thatday, {subject to 11 encunibrances y tnortgwe or oÜLOrwiae exuting at the tinu e un.iividedthree fourtlisoi cachol tht parcela oi lanxl, i: wit ThttnortheaÉfteixtcéii feetnide of' the soutlieasl Iblrty-eis feet wideof lot tíiht, ;tnd rha wnithwest two feet vide of the raueast thirtysix feet long of lot nine, iu block six, ñi Brown k Fullera ml'litiou to the city of ann Arbor, m in said oounty. Datbd, February lDth, A. D. 18", Ififi2 F&ËD&RICK AXBBB, Guardian. Kstate of Anee. A Holcomb. QTATE OF MICIIKÍ A.V. Couniy of W a htnav, ni O At a ric.s.ion of the Probate Court lor the County of Wabhtcnaw, lioldoii at the Probate Office, in the tjity ot Ann Arbor, on Tucsday, the nineteeath daj of Maroh, in tho yeur one thoudand eight hun. dred nul B6ven.tytwo Pretent, SintmJ. Reakes, Judge ofPro'batP. i In tha matter of thc estáte of Ansel A. Uolcoxub, deoeated. On roading and flling the petition, duly vcritlcd, of Haïy i.. Uoloomb, prayinffthal she and Jiutu.s L.wrenofi or sonie oiher suitublo penona may bo i;.poiuttjd adminütratOTB of Üieetateof iid daceamö, Tbenupon it i ordered, that Monday, the flfteeotb day of April intxl, ut ten o'olrjck in the foivnomi, ba asngned for the hearing pf said petitxoti, and tlmt tlie lieiit at law of aaid decijad, and all othpr persons t4 1 insnid estáte, are requiredtonppeaj Bionof said Court, then to behoMenal the Probate I Offloe, in tb City of Ann Arbor, nd si I any thcre W, wby the prayex of the potitlooer snould j not be granted : And it ï fia-tlier ordeicd, Thai said petitioncr givc nottoe to the nezaoos intcroeti d in said estáte, oí chependenoy of Mid petition, nnd the bear infc thereof, fcy causing a copy of thia order to 'e publislied in the Rtehfgan Árgus, i newspapi r.printed uud circulatinp In iaid county, three succohoiie weeks nreviouato saidday of hearuur. (Atrnecopy.) ' JíIllAM J. BEARE8, IS66 Judge ut' Probate. Esfcate of James Bycraft. STATE OP Mí HIQAN, CoontjofWáhtena.w.ea At nseasion of the Probate Cour! furthe Couniy of WoshUbaw, holden u thi Probatf Oflice, in the City of AnnArbor, on Slondaj the ctithteenth day ot Miircl?. in the y car une lho;itand eigbt bnndred r.ncï sevcntv Iwo. Frcwint liiram J. Beakc?, JadgeofProbate. In thc nial ter ofthe otote of Juuiee líycraft, -:■{] Ouread.uí: and aUnxthepetUloD.dnly veriiirtloi EJwnrd Bycmft praflni! thal n .:■ :' Instra1 ment non od nlo ln tbis Couru uurporttng tu bE the I tast will and testament ot Bold deceaeed, may be admitled to Probate and thatüe may bu tppoiuted boIc Kz entor the re f Thereopoii ït is ordcred, that Monday, the fliteenth daj ui April nh at u-u o'clock I Uu forenooti bcasslgnetl for th beaiIiièofsHidpeiltioiiiHiid that tbe lósateos devíe and bulra ut law of said dvcvaged, anti aïïother persons Intcretted in safilPktate, are reqalrod to appenr ntucsuioit ol said Court, th n to be holden, ai tlio l' in the Citv.of Ann Arhor, and show Caltse, ii':n: thcre bc, wby the prayer oí the petii nol bc grnntcdi And tt ;- frther ordcred v:?. mM ut irive noiirf to the peraonfl tnterestfd ii: said cstatvt of the pendancy of .uid petition and the hearinsr theroof. Ijy caiisfng a copy ofthia ordvi to be publlehnd ln the ttiehiaan Artfv a newöpirpoi urlnted andcirculailou in said Connty,three sn fve treek' wevUme to ald day of hearing. tAtrnecopy.) H1KAM J. !!KKi:s. ISOd Juile o: Probate. Estafe of Lf v:s Moore, Sen. 0 TATE OF IIICIIIGAN, Coanty of Washtcniuv, Rg Í3 ■' iimmiiun i'i nïi iruuate uufi wr ■■■.■ ouit 01 Waahtenaw, holden al the Probate Otttoè, inthd City of Ann Ar:.. on WedueMuvy, tbe twoBty-tlnri dnj of February, in the year one tbousand eight hunilri'd and seveni -' WO. l'rürftnt iliuiii; -I. Beakos, Judge ot Trobfite. ln thematier oi the Bátate ofXewia JLoorct Senior, I c d. On roading aad tUingthe petition, duly verifled,of Eli W, Moore, pruying thnt William Checver, or p rson, may be appointed ■ Istratorof tht ■■' dfliceased. Thcreupon it in orderO ;, tbal Monday.tine fifïecnth dny of April next, ut ten o'clwk in the forenoon, be assigned fox tne boarisg of said peition. mo tieirsut law oí' unid deosaaed, aiti all othes, persona intereatod ln said estáte, arerequired toappeai nt a BeseiüB of said Court, then tj_be holden, at tho Pxobate uüiot, in the Cifa i AAnAVbortandehow causei it' any tuere 1'--, wliv tlu; proyerof the pel should not be granted: And it furtberordêndtthat said petitioner give notioe to the persons ïnterested id aaid estáte, oi the pendency of said p-ition, and the thereof t by cauaing a eopy ol tbü order to b c ! in tho Mfriuirn Afffus, n ñewspaper prüitcd and cireubttini? in sntd ooanty, tbree suecessivt wceki pn- mus to said dav ot hearing. (4 trae copy .1 1URA1Í J. BEAKBS. Xöoü Juduc of l'robate. Estáte of Huf'us Matthetrs. TATÈÓP MICHIGAN, oounty of Waabtenaw, ss. At a aeasion of the Pspbate CÜjurtfox the oounty of Washteziaw, holden at the Probate Office, in tbe city of Ann Arlior, on Frülay, tho iitteenth day of Harab, in tho year one tliouand cight liundrcd and seventy two. Presen, llinun J. Honken, Judgeof Probato. ln the matter of thc estáte of ltufus Matthews, dsjceascd. )n jiíiuXing and flln#th;;. petition, duly veritied, of Harona J. Matthews, Èxecütor, pmyiug that be mny be licensed to sell the. .real estáte whercof aaid I died NÚad fot the purixwe of distributing tha ]nocoed of such sale umou the pcnsoiiü interebted in said estáte. Tbereupon it is ortlered, tlmt Motulay, thc tweniysecond day of April next, vï ten o'clock in tne forenoon, ned for r!r heariog of said petition. and. that 1 es, dtii i-j.L's :■ :id uotra at law of said decoxscd, and all other persons ï&terested iu said e.stnlc, ure required to appear al b session of said court, then to bo holden, at toe Probate Office, in tbe ü v of Ann Arbor, aad show cause, if any thera be, wnytbenjayei of the pstitïonex should not be granted : AnJrit is turth' r ordered that said peiitionergivo notice to the peifons interestcd in sa4 estAto, of the pendency of satd pvtition, and the hearing thereof, by eaii&iufí n eopy Oi tliifi order to be pnolished in the Michigan Arns, a newspaper prilited and einulating in said county, fuur successive weuks previousto said dny oí hearing. [A trueeopy.] uiuam J. BEAKES, UCti JuOgeof Probate. Estáte of Joshua Downcr. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtcuaw, s?. 0 At ;i session of the l'robutc Court for tbe Cojunty of WashtenaWj holden a1 the Probate Office, in the City of Aun Arbor, on Batuvdáy, the &econd dny of Bfareb, in tbe ycar one thousund eight hundred and eeventy-two. Present, Hinun J. llcakos, Judge of Prolmto. In the matter of the estáte of Joshua lowner, flecoosedQn readiiifr and filinji the petition, duly veriticd, of r'lkanah l1. Downer, Ëxecutor, praying that ' be lioensed to sell rei;;, in : whercof said t died seized for tliu puzpose ofdistril tneproceeds or' sueta sale among the persons cniiUed thereto. reupon it is ordered, tlmt Monday, the fifli'onth day of April next, ut ten oYloolt in thc forcKHui, 1 o lusigncd for the hou ring of suid petitiou, ni-1 tïnit legatees, deTiaeee and ln-irs at l.-.w f said deoeused, unl all ether persons Interés! - h! in said estáte, nre requiied to appear nt 1 session of said Court, then lo be holden, at ,he Probate Office, ín the City of Ano Arbor, and ;how cause, lf any thore be, wby the prnyer óf the letitioner should not bo piauted : And it is fiirthci ■ni, 1 l il. that -s;ud petítioner i e aotioo to Öe nenom nterevtsd in wid eatate. of tho' pendency of siudpetilon, and the hearing thereof, by cmudng a oopy of bis order to be pubuahed in tih Michifftm Arffvs, a r printed and oiroulatíng In ñld Oeunty, our Buoa save wt k previoua to ":ii'l da of henriue, [A trueoopy.) H1RAU J. BEAKE8, UCfi Jodse of Probate. Oonomiasioners' Nuticc. TATK of MIC&IGAN, 1 htenaw,aa. 3 The ui ■ appointed bytbe krobate Ooturt to suid CQnnty, ('ommissii nera to ■ (ave, examine and nujust 11 clHims w oi nll , agolnst the estáte of Ëdward s. Hnoth, '"] ,itc of said county deoeaeed, hereby pivó notice tlmt ' ix raontbs ftom dato are ojUowed, by order ofaaid a' ':■■' .t ; '■■un. i"i creditora to prfièpt their claims sl iil cleeeaned, ;itil that thcy will H ,. office ol 1. '!:■■■ (J. Pojro', a tbe vülage of ol toeter, ín isud couRjty on Satuydni, the eighteenffi 1 s y, and on Tl... J ei ik xt, at ten o'oIotA a. iè'. f saeii of said diïys, tö 1 cf Kaniirie, nnd ndjuft frá rlíiims. i. MavchMh, A. D. 187J. " OEORGEC. PAGE, h' nc-iwi' ALEXANDEU i. CBAKB, CoinmieaJoncrs.


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