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Estáte of PbiiiD p-, C-TATE 01' MICHIGAN e, , "ll2. "f March r"""3 Lü aon'tba ttoiu 4. )i. ":!, ,,.f„ tK their ■ ; : ''Vt nmt, and that un claims wiS {L ín' r Probata Comt, on Satu.dav ", lm ti. May, und n Friday. thesixth dw-ft at In o'clock in the t",,rc,„,„ ■' ' Estáte of JulmBrT- OTATE Of MICH1OAN „„„f1!!'. w,,.h,,rw,)luW,n !lt-, ;; ,,;;;■ SN ofAnnArbor.onSatunlay.the mul eventy.i "UMud. ti. Present, flifum J. BeaKea, Jud„, , ,„:.;-■;;; matter f g fijf petition. i. "lu "ewecfjki Thereupon t is ordered, tljat mi , dajr of April Vt. t on L&■% Albor, and ■ . f „„!,' '"feJ! prayerol the paiiinner shouH not ÍS 5' it is furthor ordered, tlmt il;l !'■■ ne mterested in of ai.i potition and the h"iriiiii"-' copy of this order to be j, op,, Estato of ScphioniaST OTATE OF M tCHIOAS, CounW 0 At a scsMou of Ure Probato Couit ( t'-ffil ut Wajhten,„v bolden at thí ftSígH city of Ann Arbor, on Thursday aSíS of Miireb, in the year oi.u thouaiid and Duvdiiy-two. "" ögiihjS Present, kiramJ. Beakcs.J theWttoroftbe, Gilman Walker. Kxecutor of tli. i ■ tesüimput of Buid deceused comes ! , r 'S naenta tht he üj now ptepaml to , nt iwsuch Lxecutor. Thereupon il - ,; 3r , day .,1 next, ,.t ten oM,„k i? S.Í" be aitnil tor examining aail a!iílífl acc-ount, und that the legutee, dMii?3 "i at lw of said deceated, and uil oth -1 led in suii! i , Wi ■i said Court, then to Ij. i ,, County, and h cause, it any then ts iüi Hocount sho-.üd not be allowwl ■ uhV.41" er ordvrcd, that said Execntor rivc L I persons interested in raid estáte w tl, , '' said account, oud the benriug t)iajf 'L! Oöpyol li.i., m-dcr to be ].ul,lilHa intL'ï"'' . a prinfcd and circuto.! County, üuee tucceaaive week pitviuiirSÜÍ Estáte of Charles JkiüIT""" , CTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of w3L. ot Wanhtenaw, holdon ut the l'rgMeimÍTÍ10! dtyof Ann Arbor, on '1 r,..„-iJV , SS dyof Marob, in tho year out UiouMdïï5.' m J. iluakes, Judgs of ProW, JeinalterofW eaüu ofc'Ka . EHïabeth -M. Burden, praying that HoS S ■ jome other suitbl ■L!L . istrator of tl .JWfc Thereupou it is orderea, that Mom! iayof April next, at leu o'clock in feZ? . !f nwignwl lor tlic bearinit ot wij m?5 tha t peraonaiuternted in said estáte, re Ji? . pear at á aession ui .-aid co;rt, theo to lïi , thn Probate Office, in tl,e ■ city of mlí! and any there ui ïhTtim , tbe petitioncr ahoul t(d: Ai3f thmordeied, thai "icr ñw w ïï il, tle taü d petitkm, and the tearins ümwf broS . oopy of this order tobe ii-.t:li..lji in t S, , Argüí, n ,.. „tal ,nd cireuUtwkS f county, tbjrcsuccc3.5Ívr wi;iksprcviootoai.j I hearing. , (A tinc copy.) niIUM J. BEAKK, ! _ 1-1J Judjegfl'rM i' Estáte of Frederiok John Wasjed , w TATÜ OF ilU ii:i.AN,(.ouinyüi ,. Ataswaiouol die Pi-obatc CourtKc n aahienaw, huidto at th ■, tii 01 Ai.n Ai 'jou uu Ucè, Marcb, m the yearouu tantoi'ji .-[■,VH. l'n.-. ;t. Hiram J. Iio.ilccs, Judgeof Pi ■■: ln : i 01 :lii;.'SLaicotraieritkJiiiï ' zeek, Utwased. Oti redding und filing the pctition,dul.rntil(i Wuïizeok, piayir..; aoneotiiex -a; n]jpoüiLcd idza istrutoi of the esta Thereupon it is oruen i, tiim Mtiodij', day "t A;j!il next, ai ten i rns int; ii-sl ix.iri the Piobate Oiüce, in tlie City show cuuso, if any there 1, why tU-TT-tettia üiiited: An; . re i . ■-■.i)e}.rvi iutei tioli, nad l!;'' hoal'ili orüer to be puülishiil in the jUidii . :■!-. priuted nuil ciroulaüng in saidcooutj.ta sin i -: i v.irükiv previous Ui saïil day uf ivmi [AtTuecopy.) HiK.t Jadgtof PsKl Estáte of iïeman E. Gage. t'i'ATl.of MICHTUAN, County of WnUaM i At a aodtúon of the iof M"uhtenuw, hoUen ai the 1'robaK ( :itj ui .-Vuil Arboi, on Thursday, Un i ot Mal-ch, ui the ycar oue thultsaml i.. ' ' ].i -:, o. FlVMrllt, Hiiam .T. r.i';ikcs, Jutlgeof Pryhte. In tho nutter ot' tho estaU ol üiuiaa E.Gs dei i ubcd. !1 Whipplc a:i: Kuth A. (i ui .-ail i.'siai.c. ixm I and n?preaflltU th are uow prepiiród io rundcrtheijuiiliMfK' sutb A(tl]liliia:ia:Ol8 Thcreupun it ia ordered, that 5!!i?, 4 ci.!;lit!i iluy of Apiil n.xt, at li'n ■ fOTC'DOOll, tj: nsoijuel Lol ixamiain: in,r account, und ha:d deteeaeed and all Qthei ix-fsoas iaHB in i ■ iré i turcd tó u] pau t i liun at wild Couit, then to bc lioMtu t th I bats Office, in the City: i( Aun i County, anrl show cnusè, it' anythen ii'l aaouilt ftUould not Ixs ullowrd : A: oitlficd thüt said Adminitflratoi - tuteibted in Baid eatnte, of the pemiMy account, and the heuriut; tbi-reof, bj .muswi&Í af Üna ordt-r to be publi&néd in " anewBpnper ]iiir,til and circu three successive weeks pi i ;A true com-.j UlKAilJ.I I .-, ' Estato of Jacob Bcjutler. QTATEOr'MU'III i Ar a s.-ssionot theProbati Uourtfort Washtenaw, holden nt the Probate Oto,;"? oi' Alm Arbor, on Thursday, the "ij Uarch, in the yeor one thousand eight )ssmm aerenry-tvo. Present Hiram .1. Beakcs, Judge of 1'rüUtf-, In the matter of the eta;i' oí Jacob Beuua," ■ui Onreading and flling jiotition, dnlynw MiahaelBenz, nrayioc; that .lohiHicorgeA Bome other suital i ..ppcia"0 nr.Tiitiator of theeetate OJ id dKcased. Thereupon it , ordered, thivt Tuesdaj, ■'J ilay of April nuxt. at ten o'clock BLï noon. be assigneii for the hearing o that the heira at law of sai 1 J ■. ■ m interested in tanl eatate, L%& ■ al a BCttaion of said ('ourt, theiltiM , BttheFiobsta lilhrt-, in tlic ( ity ol AonAiK" show cansf, if any there be, wbj th pi ■ ■ titionar ahould not be franted : And it "WrL, dered, that said petiuouer gi?e noti t(l intercíí-d in saitl estáte, ot the penden :■ tion, aul ilie hearing thorcirf, by oai order d be publiaheu in the Michigan "■?"'" ' paper printed and circuhiting in sain ' BQCoeBaive weeks provious t" sai (A true crjpy.) HIK A M J. "Si. Estáte of Leander LcBaron. QTATKOPMlCIimAN,:otllitoiW. 0 At aseaslou of the Probate Conrt ''"')':.,!. of Washtenaw, holden ni lie Probóte oM'v city Dl Aun Arbor, on l-'rul:'..v, the tw I of February, in the year one thoiiniin'ï" dn-il and mventy-iwo. „ .... Present, UlraaiJ.Beaker.Jadge of Frow In the matter oíihe estáte ol' LcanO'" deceai .1. ,i it Geonje A Cobb, Administrstnr of M „i comes int o Court and represent tnl prepored to remier his nal account a K" ibtrator. TnwáiT ' Therenpon it is Orden d, that ■ scpoiid l:iy of April. at tin or.fct foreuoon, beaasigued for exaroining '""„jir Buch accouni, and the hcirptlJ : und ül otlu'i hcrsonsintori'ítiii- ;i;,; arerequired toappaaral asesiionpi' lobeh.ihlonat theProbateOfllei-IntWJJÏLtl Arbor insaidCounty andhoMcaii8fll'aiti said accomitshoiild not heallo further ordered, that suld Adiuinistrati totheperson."lnler.'Stt'din said doncy of said nceonnt. and the licar : . a a copy of tbls order lolff. Uiehtg uewspapiTprintcUiio nsuidCounty, three sucocssive weck 1" saioduyoi ueai'ing. „ , ,,iristf. CAecopy.) HIBj Estáte of WUHaJ" C. Ohw , t TATEOFMICHIGAN, ounlyol "ecej ö Ata Besaron of the Probate ' 'll;1 ' i, „.M ,1 Waahtcnuw, hold 'S1; of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, 'hC&1Sftdni' n tbe year one thousand eigut ninwn lltV-tWO. , P,YlllJttí. i nt Hiram J. Beakes, Judm of JTO" Q&. In tïie matter of the estáte ot V "'"m , On readin? .md flling the Lin3 hallen C. chui-h. ,■,.■.■ thnt a rW" owonnlein thisCourt, purpoi tii ik ' JJBg! vill and tenumpiit ot w.i.l 1 piobate, and ihat hemaj( be ippoi" '' , ayof Apnl next, ' V%% i .1 for the homilie ,■: ;iiJ l'."J, jrii persone int. reated tn ll"1.1-;V;.,",'to lkíí.' toappearnt-iiseMioi. Probate Otlire, "' '' ' ' ;■■. ' 1 ,■ I ltny uiere be, whs uw ' I r -'■;;" i HtQñ,a,nd the hoari.iw ttow t jjrf-rf AÏ&lt. newsjierOT plintl an4 ore M vaearintf. „Tl. ,i( t Pf ■ - A trae copy.) HIH juaeoí B 1394


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