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A Democratic Woman

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"Aha!" sakl Mr. Knowall; aha! ihat's capital ; onr partj' Aid a good thing in sending ftJr Mrs. Livorraoro to assist tlieic jil New Hanujslnru. tëho's smart enough tor thoni." "But, my dear Mr. Knowall," said lus sister, ' you aro inconsistent ; you aro ready to aeknowludgo her superiority, and declare shu can do moro than ten uien, and yot you do uot think hor iit to vote." "Oh, that's anotlicr thing, my dear; I don't bulievo in wómen rotang. " Hut you buliuvi: in haviiifi thum mako it as ciiL-y as possibie foï you 't ' " Certainly I do. But it doos pleasn a muri ín thluk h'ow v.-. - 1 ap the DemoatB muttbe, poor thiny ! They havo no man truinp to pl.iy." ' 'ü.;i) i.s Mrs, Htii'.iton ?' asked Lis sister. " l'o.ssility 1ir niiglit do, but besides ljpr 1 dj not think yon can mention ouc woiii.iü wIki is :i LVmor.rat; it is a singular ' í'uc.t they hm almost witliout oxcepood Etopablicans. Mrs. Livermore ouce romarkl that thqr searebod M chusotts as witli a Oaudlo to tind a ' oratio woman in ]n-,sent somo petition, and couldu't do it." "But Mrs. Livcrmoro did not know J OUl 8Ífctor, (loar, at that liuiu.'1 " Know you 'i your haart ! You aDeinöcrat! How oould you bu?- you who havo buen taiight the Ropubïlcan creed froitt A to & from your youth up ? My sister a Duuioorutl that's good! Xiiank goodnoss you eannot vote." " Listen, sceptic : Whon war visitod us your sister gave all tho strong arms sho could to the governmont, and thcn pjWsunted her ovvn woak onea, tor in the past as now, wonien may work and wonien win, but man reajjs the glory. When you wroto trom your distant and dangerous post for hulp, ïny hands carriud to Gongress your petition, and presented it to your frionds, certnin Kupublioan Senator. They were rieh in promises ; in fact, the most promising ohtss of men during the war wero these time metí, but performaucoa wore ontholy out of their Une. Day aftcr day they kopt me wailiiig, und ii.) help. AL last, with faltering steps, I went to a " Democratie Senator, whom ï had nevor soen, anl askod his aid. It was given proiuptly. Aftorward whon a great wrong Otuae to light, and iny 'i'eeble womanly' assistance was requirèd, I went with a (juiut appeal, backed by hundieds of good Uepublican namès, and asked for justtce for tho wrongod. A 14fipublican iSonator said, ' ilerey, :hild, doa't look for justicu in Washington ; it is thü last place on earth to find it.' I triud others, all tho same. At last Djuiocratio hands and voieos took it lip, and wrong was made right. Vi'heu tho soldiers with woary oyj beggiid me for somo triHn not thuii allowed by ' hospital rogulations,' I turned agnin for help to thoso who talked the lotlden, and was told 'we must not intertere, we cannot hulp it;' bijt tUu Demo orate ohoered us without parado or ostentation, only a quiot 'como to ino.' When monoy was requiréd (and whon was it not by thoso of us who wera working a ' woliiin's work' for Unolo Sam'r) we were t. ii i by more than ono Kupubliean, 'I won't givo a cent; the wholu thing is a ehe:it ; Ule soliliers tale better than we do at home ; ' bat n Deinocrat snid, ' If you need moncy begin with this, and keep my namea secret; even Democratie dolUrs anj unpODulur how.' And so it came to pass, brother Kuowull, that I, whose entiro youth had been favored with long argumenta on tho superioiity, goodness, aud worth of tho 'ltepublieañ party,1 had lny eyes Oponed, and I saw the men I had been taught to love and respect putting j ' olir candidato ' bet'oro the bost ur.ui, ' our claims' bofore justicc, aiid ' our platform' before our country. DeWiociats did, for once asUing, tlie things Eepublioana ilw.iys ' forgot ;' and as tp the eontrabands, blössyou! Th'; Ilepublicans talked ' negro,' 'poor negfO,' ineessantly, and tho Democrats said 'nigger,' but helped us twice as ïniuili. Ask our contraband pupils if you dou't believe liio. 'The litlle bind of Democrats in Congress duiing the war won the admiration of all good pcople by their quiet determinatiou und ready ttid in all Union work, and this work was done amid jeers anJ sooffs. We lieaid llejiublicans say - leader, too - We must break ; ho is a Democrat ;' or, ' it will never do for to bucomc too popular ; it will ruin another State for our party.' ' Certainly not; hunt up somothiug, and get him out of tho way.' Xow, ïny dear Knowail, we expected all these things oí the Demoorats, becauso wu beliuvud them tot.illy depraved and given up to their idols ; but it grioved and surprise d 08 to fiíul them in tho party tta im{ honorcd, and, after a menlai strugglo which you would uot understaud, we beeame a Democrat - that is, if being a Demoorat nieaas the best possible mea in ofjice, virtue boforo dollarj, oleanliness before tobáceo and whisky, honor and thd good of the wholepuuplu beforo 'our platform, wise ruiers irrespectivi; of party, Utd politics clean cnough for women to basale. If this is boinga Democrat, then I am one, and Mrg. Liverniore need never gesroh with a candle again.' " Well, sister, you are the first.Doniocrat ever known in our family, and you will turn out a good IvOpublican before you sre K!, I'll wager. Whon oduyated womon titko to politics, heaven holp us poor dogswho generally voto without much interest in tho matter. I shall have to quit smoking and take to reading if you enter tho Hste'. And Knowall loft for his club to enjoy a long gossip and incessant smoke, while his sister dovoUd au hour to her Gorman studies. -


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