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Ballooning Extraordinary

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M. Dupuy do Lome, thu colobrated Froneh nautical ongineer and membor of tho Fronoh Academy of Science, constructcd a navisrablo balloon during tho siego of Paris, but it was not in a condition to bo sent up in tho air when the siega tonuiriated by the Paris capitulatiou. Tho funds, amountiug to $9,000, rere exhaiuted, and the communist insurrection stoppod the proceedings Tho balloon was coucealed 'lest it should bo destroyed by the insurgonts. "SVhen tho Versaillista toök yossession of Paris tho construotion was rosumed at M. de Lomo's ow, expense. Several a.lterations wero intróduced in the original scheine, and tho ascent was deluyed by several unavoidable cirenmstanco. It was mado oa the 9th instant, from Vinccnnes' now fort, beforo a largo audience. M. Dupuy do Lomo ascended himself, and conducted the whole expedition. Thirteen persons wore on board Ixsides - M. Zede, a naval enginccr, some friends of M. Dupuy do :tnl eight men for working tho ;vev.-; tour woro to pull at once, and ilculttted ritte of motion in air perfoctly calin was eight niiles per hour. Tho wind wal blowing from tlie south at a rato of i'oriy-two miles. Tho anemometer of Monteaurin Obscrvatory recorded only twelve ; but it is known from Mr. Olaisher's aacents that ground an imometers do not give iiearly the full valuj ot' esrial motion. M. Dupuy do Lome only expectöd a slight deviation from the direotion of the wind, accoruing la tiio cornposition of foreos. Tho expected deviatiwi was obtaiiiod soreral ïimes tho journey, and the rato of the dirocting power was slightly superior to the calculation. Inside tho balooa is a sü:u,11 ono, which ia filled wita lammon air through an i.ir_ pomp, for ;aking tho room of the gas which escapes n ponsequence of the dilation. That ,ft "t of tho appatatus proved algo a great suecos?, as thu balloon was kept quito full tiltil tho descont, That operation was also most sucoessfully oü'octed, owing to ;ho elongation of the balloon, which is illiptical, the great axis being thrce times he length of tlie smallest. Thi: balloon descended at Noyton, about dnety miles from Paris, in the direotioa of Brussels. The balloon is perfectly sound, except a small pioco which was torn out of it by boys for tho purposo of taking a relie, whieh practioe is the curso oï :■!■ nautics. It will be sent to Vincennes to wait for other oxperiments. Tho weight of tho car was l,0il() pounda, of pasaengers and crew 2200 pounds bosides Lh.: söruws uikI ballQúu. Vfith such a weight it is possiblo to enijloy a stoam [jngmo.


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