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An Amusing Incident

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A ton correspondent writes as folio ws: while the house was in coinmittee of the whole on the flelicioncy appropriation bilí a iuestion urose on which a división of the house was deiuanded, and the chairraan, Stcvenson, of Ohio, appointed Gen. Butler aml Din. Kumsworth tellers. Butler and Fuvnsworth aro not on speaking t:rms, and when thoy met in front of the clerk's dusk they did not observe the usu ui custom of shaking hands, whereupon sorae member, wishing to carry on the joke, iiiRÍsted upon intfiodueing them. Butler was unwilling to look at Farnsworth, while the latter refcBl to rocognizo Butler, ïhey stood lookig away from each other, without speakiug, to the great amusement of the members who are familiar with their peculiar relations. Each tried to ignore tho presenco of the other, and each announced the count of his side without consultation or agreement. Fortunately for Farnswortn,, he could not teil wh(;thor Butler -was looking at him or not. He had ara imprsHion that occasionally Butler went one eyo on him, but he is not gure of this, fr' Bometimes it seoined as if Butler looking in two or three different directions at onco The affair passed off without any personal collision. Jt collope professor was being rowed across a stream in ft boat. Said !io ts Jio ïoatman : " Do you understand philosophy '(" " No, never koard of it," " Thnone quarter of y our life is gone. Do yi u understand geology'r"' "No." " Tli n three-quarters of your life is gone." But presently tbe boat tipped over an4 spillnd both into the liver. Says the boatnan : "Can youswïin?" "Nu." "ïhju tho whole of your life is gone."


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