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The Cincinnati Conventions

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Two coiiventions are callctï to be held at Cincinnnti, Wednosday, May lst: ono by the "Liberal Republicana" of Missouri, the other by " The Ueuuion aud Reform Association " of Ciiicinnati. Tlic resalütion of the lattr organization Banking the oall is based on tho fiict that only lU'iublican3 aro undcrstood inirited. to particípate in tho " liberal Republican " Conveution, and is as follows : IUnoloed, That wo invite all voters,. whother of Democratie, Republicnn. or other party antecedente, who are wüling to unite with us in fairor (i.ut'i ing tliaGoustitution as it is, of civil service reform, a tariff for revenue only, of genero] amnesty for all past political offenses, iukI a local self-governmont - to meet with us in National Convention, at Cinciunati,. Ohio, on the first day of May next,. to daoide on, the best plan of actiou to secure fcho above-named objects, and the promotion of the general wcllfare. The doelaratiou of principies put forth rn the cali, indorsed by several hundred prominent citizens of Cincinnati, both Democrats and Republicana, is as follows: 1. The only logitimatopurpose of a tariff is to provide necessary rovenue. 2. Tho support of the (Jonstitution as amended, and the protection of the righte of every citiaeii under it. 3. Universal amnesty, anti the restoration of fraternal feelings and relations among the people of tho different States. 4 A stea'iy return to gold and silver as tho only sound and safe basis of currencies. 5. Opposition to the present caucm lyntem in legislativo bodies as corrupting, dangerous, and at variance with the spirit of our institutions. 6. The inviolate maintenance of public faith. 8. Tho abolition of tho demoralizing " spoils system " by a thorough reform of the civil service. 8. Opposition to all secret political societies, and to violence and lawlessness, whonever or by whomsocver committod. 9. And that as our country progresses, the General Government should more and more, within the limita of the Constitution, be confined to that which is general and common to the whole peoplo ; and to each State should belong the care and super visión of all that is fairly roeervod to it. In the list of officers and committees of tho organization making this cali we notice such well-known names as William B. Caldwell, Pifisident ; Rufus Kino, Judgos Stali.o and Hoadly, Vice Presidents ; B. STORER, Jr., NlCHOLAS LONOworth, Stanley Mattuews, and Geo. WabD Nichoi.s. - The circular beforo us announces that a Committoe of Arrangements has been appointcd to act for both conventions, to arrange for transportaron and aecoinmodation of mombers, and that half f are is expocted from loading railroads. Neither convention is a delégate body, butall symputhizors in the declarations of principios put forth are invitod to attend. Democrats who do not cordially indorse the creed of "Tho Reunión and Ruform Organization " copicd above are few aud scattering, so that a largo and able Democratie representation niay bo expected.


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