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The Board Of Supervisors

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Bolow will bc found a tull list oí the Supervisors elected on Monday, classified politically, although four of them - all R publicans - wcre elected on " Citizens'" or " Union " tickets : DEMOCnXTS. Augusta, Aaron Childs. Bridgewater, Daniel LeBaron, Dextary, Henry B. Jones. WeedomElias Haire. Lodi, James Sage. Manchester, Horatio Burch. Scio, Patrick Tuomy. Sharon, Emerson Annabil. Superior, William Geer. Sylvan, Orrin Thatcher. Webster, Henry Welch. Ypsilanti City, 2d dist., Luther P. Forbes. KErüBLICAXS. A. A. City lst and 2d W'ds, ConradKrapf. " 3d and 4th " A. A. Gregory. " óUiandOth" J. AustinScott. Ann Arbor Tp, Selden W. Shurtleff. Lima, Edwin Pierce. Lyndon, George Rowe. Northfield, George Renwick. Pittsfield, David Wilsey. Salem, Isaac Wynkup. Saline, "Wilson H. lierclan. York, Peter Cook. Ypsilanti City, lst dist., Lee Yost. " Town, W. I. Yeckley The Board stands - as tho reader may teil by counting - 13 Republicans, 12 Demócrata. Last year it was just the reverse, Democrats, 13 ; Republicans, 12. The Democrats lost one each in Ann Arbor, Lyndon, Northfield, and Saline, 4 ; and gained in August, Sharon, and Webster, 3. - Those marked_with a are rc-elected. Of tho now members fivo - Messrs. Childs, LeBaron, Annabil, Krapf, and Rowe have servod on forruor Boards. Befoiie answering to the summons to give testimony befoTe the French Arms Inve8tigatiag Committee, Senator Sumner put in an earnest protest. He denied the right of a committee to cali upon a Senator to testify " in regard to his public condnet, and especially in regard to a matter which he has feit it his duty to lay bcforo the Sonato in the discharge of bis public dutie8." He claimed that a Senator was a member of a co-ordinate department of the government, aud that he " cannot bc interrogated : first, with regard to his conferences with other Senators on public business, and, socondly, with regard to who have coufld'ntially communicated with Mm." He also declarod that the committeo had been constructed in vioiation of all tho rulfls of parliamentary law, and that, thereforo, it was without authority to act. Upon this point he made a very streng showing, quoting authorities that mado the major ity which packed tho committee for partisan purp8es appoar as if drawn thrtvugh a very small knotholo. In short, the protest, as a w-hole, is a pointed and pungent po-yes. At the city on Monday last, Ypsilnnti, Jackson, Monrer Hillsdalo,. Pontiac, Grand Rapids, Port Hui on,, and St. Clair went Democratie, and perhaps others should bo talliud the same way. In Coldwator, a veuitable Egypt. Aijíert Cuandlek, Deme-srat, our old "boss,' was i ]! tod Mayor on a Citkzens' ticket, tcating II. C. Lewis.


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