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The Town Elections

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Wo have listsof omoerselecterlon Mon ilay List for only a few of tho towns in this county. Tlu-y will bo fouQd below. Wc civnnot publiah the lists unless furnished, and it thore nrc none in the sevoral tawns with intereÉt enongh tp post u, the OlerksandTreasurersand Juaticee, &0 , must not oompluin at not finding their naines in print. BRIDGEWATER. The Demócrata had it all thnir own way, having the only ticket. Tho vote polled was 114, with only one " split ticket," except that Wm, IIanke received 31 votes for Justice against Adam Reiiel. The now offioors are : Supervisor - Daniel LeBaron, 114. Clcrk- David W. Palmer, 114. Treasuror- Wm. H. Gadd, 113. Justices of the Peaoe - Geo. Calhoun, fnll terin, 118; Adam Reidel, vacanoy 3 years, 79 ; Judson Linden, vacancy 1 year, 113. Comrnissioner of Highways - Charles Poucher, 114. School Inspector- Francia M. Palmer, 113. DrainCommissionor - Junius Short, 114. Constables - Henry R. Palmer, Slade La.ell, Emraett Linden, Williain II. Gadd, cach 113 maj. DEXTER. Dexter, April 2, 1872. E. B. Pond, Esq., Dear Sir : Our Township Meeting resnlted in tho election of the Democratie ticket, as follows : J Supervisor - Henry B. Jones. Clerk - James Reid. Troasurer - Michael L. Ryan. Justico- Putrick Floming. " vacancy - Lawrenco Rabbet. " " - James H. Lyman. Highway Com. - Christopher McGuire. Drain Com. - Wm. A. Jones. School Inspector - Patrick Rabbitt. " " vacancy - Charles Dwyer. Constables- Thomas Markey, Charles W. Guest, Thomas Murray, Marquis Bell. Average majority 47, except on Clerk, which was onlyl. Tours, &c, W. A. J. LODI. But one ticket in the field. The elect are as follows, all Democrats : Supervisor - James Sage. Clerk - Williani Humphrey. Treasurer - Michael Staebler. Justice- Egbert P. Harper. Com. of Highways- Edward Burns. School.lnspector - Edward P. Sheldon. " " vacancy- J. F. Sanford. Township Drain Commissioner - Loyal Tower. Constables - Thomas Hickman, Godfrey Zahn, Aaron Rosier, Linus E. Howard. LYNDON. In this town - onco reliably Democratie - things got mixed. Two tickets - one Domocratio and the other "Union" - were in the field. The "Union" ticket was all elected except School Inspector, as follows : Supervisor - George Rowe, Rep., 69 maj. Clerk- Frederiok A. Howlett, Dem., 58. Treasurer - Sylvester N. Clark, Dem., 49. Justico - Charles Canfield, Rep., full term, 18 ; Elnathan Skidmore, Rep., vacancy, Rep.,'46. Highway Commissioner - Wm. Purchase, 46. School Inspector - Bonj. C. Boyce, regular Dem., 81. Constables- William Stanfield, Walter Webb, John Fisher and Edward Young. The last two Democrats, there being but two candidatos on the "Union" ticket. NORTHFIELD. This Democratie stronghold came out of the battlo not entiroly victorious, a "Citizens'" candidato for Supervisor capturing Patrick Wall, who was once more on tho courso, and also the Treasurer. 271 votes were polled, an unusually large vote for a town meting. The oflicors eleoted are : Supervisor - öforije ItenwkTc, " Citizen " Rep., 16 maj. Clerk- Patrick S. Purtell, 14. Treasurer - Oeorge Danner, 9. Justice - Hascal Laraway, 44. Commissioner of Highways- Eugone Galligan, 44. School Inspector- Edward Fitzgerald, 44. Townghip Drain Commissioner - Nathan E. Sutton, 44. Constables - John Taylor, James MoKernan, Henry Conlen, Etigene T. Gibney. SCIO. In Scio the whole Democratie tioket was elected except Clerk ad one Constable, as follows, the Republicana being in Italks : Supervisor - Patriok Tuomy, 9. Clerk - Edward Appleton, 43. Treasurer - Christian Rehm, 36. Justico - William April, 6. " vacancy, Jeremiah Sullivan, 23. Commissioner of Highways - Patriok McGuinoss, 4. School Inspector - William Buss, 36. Constables - Michael Weimer, A. W. Gleasmi, Volney H. Potter, David Ambruster. The public is more interested in tho lively fight going on between the Iowa railroads and the Union Pacific, Council Bluffs and Omaha, than at first sight appears. If Council Bluffs is held to be the terminus of the U. P. road, then freights and passengers will bo transferred on the Iowa sido, the Union Pacific trains starting from Council Bluffs instead of Omaha. If Omaha is to be the terminus then trains on the U. P. will run to and from Omaha, and tho fivo Iowa roads and all freight and passengers will bo compelled to pay toll to the " Bridge Company " - a ring within the ring which manages the U. P. This is only a littlo itom of 50 cents to every passenger going over tho bridge eithor way; $10 for every car load of freight; 50 cents per hundred for smaller lots ; and 50 cents a package, these being tho establishod rates of the "lessees" of the bridge. This is an outrago upon tho traveling-aTid business public, and now that the new President of ; the U. P. road has ordered up tho "passes of all doad-heads," it is to bo hoped that independent Congressmen enough can be found to bring tho monopolists to terms. Let tho Union Pacific road doliver and take its passengers and freight at the Iowa fáde of tho bridge, or let tho IoVa roads fcftvo freo uso of tho bridge. The bridge - as well a tí U. road - wasbuilt by the people's money and ought not to bo an instrument of highway robIcry.


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