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The Rhode Island Election

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PuoviDE.viK, April 3.- Tho Rhodé TsLand St:if; eleotion was held to-day, and aronsed moro thaa usual interest, owiiig to tho fttct tliat about throo tnousand Demócrata registered thuir votes and paid thor poll taxos for tho first time in two or three years. The resul t was the eleetion of the Kepublican State ticket, except Licutenant-Governor. An especial issue was made against the Repubkuan oandidate tor Lieutenant-Govenior, tho present inoumbont, Pardon W. Stevens, booauso of his allegod oonnection with tr;ifisluiifr, and hu is probably defeated liy Charles 11. Cutler, Democrat, by a smaÜ majority, although the scatterinn; votes may throw tho eleotion into tho Legislature, when the liopublican oandidate will be electod. Tliu Joumal lias retorna trom all the towng in tbe State exoept Black Island, footing up asfollows: For (imernor - Soth Padelford, Bepublioan, 9,383 ; Oluoy Arnold, Duuiocrut, 8,828 ; lor Lioutfnimt-Governor- Pardon W. Stevens, Eepublican. H,i': ; Charles E. Cutler, Democrat, 8.72S). The Seuate will stand twenty-six Bepnblioana and eleven Democrats, iind the House fífty-thrc.e Iíopublicans, soventeeu Deiuoeratl and thruu no choico.


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