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Temperance Movement In France

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It is rathcr singular tliat a temporáneo proposition should be broached in the National Assembly of wfne-drinking Franco, wliich goos ahoad of anything ver stiftgested hore in. the prohibí toi y '.toj, For the first ofïVnse of dxunk' ivmie is to bc iinposed ; for the seeond a short imprisonment; and the third, tho loss of the right of suffrago. ïhis, it must be eonfesseiï, üstonchingFrenchuieu in a tender place, for, though not araob comes of te indulgence, they havo always exhibited a passion for voting. To understand how ineffeotual the result of th8 has beííi, we kave ojly ta remembet that most of the great historical battles iñ France have olí gone oso way - milliónsoaone side, and thousands in the luhiority. They havo never had sueh a thing as publie opinión in that untortuiiatf; land, but they have had inany an ojjjdemie of rotions, soraeof theaicrazily s:muiimry. We have somet íiikís asked mrhoIvc for liow niuch of politi'ü' disorder and revolutiuwiry excesseB in Fraaso I brandy driuking may ho feirly bdd reu hsponsible, taking into a:coimt congenital 'hmacies and the inhori+ett temperament, aniï considcriog both the direct tind j direct cffcets of sottishness. Moreoverr mobs aro almost íilways drinking, and ■ Frcnch raobs certainly havo becir no cxception tothis rulo. But we think thut, without any imputation of fanaticisni, wo may say tlittt oor American politics would bo somctliing vastly dift'oront and inexpressibly nobler if we ooulvi tboroughly oliminato frotn them tho aleoholic elcaients ; and of British politics tho .samo is nndoubtedly true. Thoro is something unspeakably absurd in a írco and independent doctor drunk, and thus drunkeiily voting umlcr tho supervisión of the friend who invited him to drink and paid for the liquor. ín such cose tho froedoin and tho indopondenco are not so apparent as we might dosire, and when the noblo votor not oiily drunk, but disorderly, aiï confounxls tho righí "i suffi-age with tho right to breuk hisneighbor's hoad, tho consequenos ro doubly infeblcitous. - Tólsdo Commercúrl.


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