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Soldiers' Homesteads

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From tho Conyrenunvil Gwis wo t iko the following stMunitiiy of tho provisioiis ot' thoncwïaw -ntliioh has just passed both branches of Congress to etioble houorably clischarged soldier wrd sailore, their widows and orphan childivn, to aoquiro bomootoaA on tbo public laiids of the United Statos : Tho bill was read. It próvidos that every private soldier and otffoer who has servod in the United States army during tho recent rcbelliou for !)l) days or more, and who was honovably disonargod, aud has remainéd loyal to the Govenimeut, including the troops nvusteretl the service 01 the United States by virtue of the third seetion of an act entitled " An act mukiug appropriations for comple ting tho defonses of Washington, and for other purposes," approved ï'ebruary 13, 18G2, and every seaniaii, marine, aud offi!eer wlvo hiw served in tlw Xavy of the Unilwl States or i the marine corps, diiring the rebellipn, for 90 days, and who was honörably discharged, and has romafned loyal to the United States Government, sliall, in compliance with an act ontitled "An act to secure homesleada to actual Settlcr. on tho jxiblic doninin," and the acts umnidatory thereof, as heroinaftor modiiied, bc entitled to enter upon and roceivo patenta for a imantity of public lands (not mineral) not oxceoding ono hundred and sixty acres, or onu quarter sectiou, to bo takeu in compact i'orni according to legal subdivisons, inclnding the_alternate reserved sections of public lanSkilong tho line of any railroad or other public vore, not otherwiso reserved or appropriaied, and otlier landfl subject to entry under tho homostoad law of the United States ; provided, that said homostoud scttlcrshaU bo allowed six luonihs after locating his homestead within which to Cwmmence his settlemcnt and iinprovement ; nud proviuud also tliat the time wlik-li tho homostead settler shall 'haveserved in t!ie Anuy, Navy or Marino corps aforesüidshull bededucted froiu the timo heretofore required to perfect titlc, or if dischaiged on account of wouncls reccived, or disability incurred in the lino of duty, tboo tho ü:riiL oi eiüistment shall be deducted tvöwt tho time heretofore re■ qnired to perfect title, without roferenco to the length of tiinehe may have servod ; provided, however, that no patent shall issue to any homestead settler wlio lia.s not reaided apon, iuiproved, and cultivatud his sai;l honiestoud for a period of ut least ono year af tor he shall com meneo his iinprovement as aforesaid. Tlic bül in its second seetion provides that any porson entitled under th pix visions of tho foregoing seetion to enter ;i homestead, who ïuay have heretofore eutered under the homestead lars a (juantity of laud less than ono hundred and sixty acres of land as, when added to the quantity previously enterod, shall not oxceed one hundred and sixty acres. The bill in tho third section próvidos that in cas? of the death of any person who would be entitlod to a homestead hw the provisons of the rirst section of this act, his widow, if unmarried, orin case of hor douth or imirrriage, then his minor orphan children, by a guardián duly appointed and oflicially uccredited at tho Department of the Interior, shall be entitled to all the bonefits onumerated in this act, subject to all the provisioiis as to settleniont and improvements therein containeo ; jirovidit, that if sucli person di d during his term of onlistmont, tho whole term of his cnlistment shall be dednoted from the time herotoi'ore required to pürfect the title. The bill in its fourth section provides that wherc a party at the date of his entry of a tract of land under the homstoad lawe, or subsequoutly thoroto, was actu ally eulistcd and employcd in the army or navy of the United States, his services .therein sliall in the admiiiistratiou of homesteod laws, bo construed to bo equivalent, to all intent and purposc, to a reáidence for the samo length of time upon the tracts so entered ; provided, that ii his entry has boon came'.ed by reasm of absence from siid tract while in the military or naval service of the United States, 'and such .tract has not boen. disposed of, his entry shall beoonfirmed and restored ; and provided further, that if such tract has boen disposed of, said party inay enter another tract subject to entry under said law ; and his right to a patent therofor shall bo dotormincd by the proofs touching his residence and cultivation of the first tract and his absence thercfrom in such servic. Tho bill in its fifia section provides that any soldier, sailor, marine, olBoor, or other persous coming within tho provisions of the act may, as well by an agent as in person, enter upon said homestead ; provided, that said claimant in person shiill, within tho time prescribed, eoinnience aettloment and improvements n the same, and thereaftor fulfill all the requirementa of this act. Th bill in its sixth soction próvidos that the Commissioncr of tho General T-iand Office shall have authority to makc all needful rulos aud rogulations to carry into eifect the provisioiw of this act.


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