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Prospects For The Clip Of 1872

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The liinited supply of wool now in the 'country, we learu, has lod soino manufncturers to disouss the propriety of stopping their milis for a few months. We thin.k, howevor, thero is. littlo prospect of such a course being adópted, and that the sinull amount of' wool now in the country will continuo to le sought for at pricos averaging with the highest offered up to this time. The further fact, to whicu we have ealled attention so oftou in these polainas, that for several yoars tlio supply of domestic lleectí was diminshing, sooms ta be appreciated among nianufacturers, and as a consequence, wc have intimations of liberal offers for the clip of 1HÏ2. These pnces are fully up to the ott'erings of Urn past three months, and show that the shrewdest buyers do not expect wool to bc any lower during tho year. The Ne# York Econontitt, a paper nevor yet known to show partiality for tl wool-grower, in a late issuo says that a large portion of 'the coming ühio and Michigan clip is contracted for at fnmi 65 to "'t cents per pound, aitd that tranaitions, even at these figures, were at a stand-still, tor the rea.soii that the farmers want 80 cents and look for niaety cents, i f, wot $1.00, per pound. We would ad-Ttse growers not to contract their wool at anything lesa a vcry higji price, yet awhile. Keep it growing, and have it long and strong. Shoar in good season and put up in No. Ugood condition, and when they havo it reaáy, post tlieniselres as to tio market, and sell when they can get the top prioe for wool of the class and condition in which theirs will grado. ITndor somo conditions it will pay to hold for a higher maxke'i than that ranging at tlxo time of 8hearing; but few farmers haTe the facil ity for storing wool so that it will not lose Ln weight and stghtiincss by being Ucld past the marketing sagOB. Without' ta king this shrinktige info account, with most farmers the aoney in hand alsltearng time can be made to oarn moro ttian Eould'bo reiviiaed hy any advance iitpiices.. - M'catcnt MUraL


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