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lïïSJNESS DIRECTORY. .jijt AKBOll MINEBAl RPBINCM. v, irris líale, M. I).. Superintendent. Oflice 5 bnlldin, corner Mann and 'est Hurou Strcets. rixr.s Sc WOilltr.N, 20 outh Main etrcct, Lnn Ar!or, Mlch-, Wholesale, and rctnil dealnin Drv Qonts, Carpeta and Urocerles. ' is5Xtf r G. BBOWN, Aircnt lor the Flnkle & T.yon I. vicior" Sewlng Machine Thcy nrc leut, urillve rmir;anJin ke fue lock atltch. No. T g.hMaSUcca, Ann Arbor. J340yl TrACK Ar SCHÍII, Dealers in Dry Goods, .U'tíroccrifs, , &c. No. 6-1 South Mam Btr.-ct. M"ÏCHAkZ JIIBBAÏ, Roofcr. Firo and Water Prooi, Kelt nnd Oomposition Gravel Buois P'Jt on to order and warrantcd. Besidenceon JeJeron Street, Ann Arbor. ñW. I.I.LIS & CO., Drtiggists and dealers K. n Pointe, OÜ6, etc. No.ü South Main Street, AaArtror. hTjaCKSOX, Dentlst, raoceasor to C. li. Portor Ofllce corner Main and tíoron streel, ter the store ofR. W.KllleA Co, Ann Arbor, ;;h. meatbcticsadniinistiTcd if roqaired. W F. BREAKEV, 1W. ., Physlcian and M i Surgeon. OIHce, at realdene corucr of Hurnnl División Stroets first doar casi of PreebyHftli Chorrh Ann Ai or, Mich. J. JOII-VSON, Dealer lu Hst and Caps, furs. Slraw (Joods. Gents' Fiiriiishiiik' Hooda, te. No 7 Simtii Main .-treet. Ann Arbor, Mich. aDTUEKLAND Sc WHEDON, Life and Oílreluiiurancp Asente, and dealcrsin HealKstate. jjceon Hnron Street. f EWIS C. KIS1ÍON, Dealer in Hardware, L st iv. , House Kwnii-hiug Goods, TIn Ware,c. jo. 31 Üoutb Main Btreet. jTtTlI ABEEi, loilers in riry Goods GroUcniiis, ie. &c.,No. 20 t'outh -Main íti eet, Ann irlwr. CLAWSOX Jk SON, Gmcors. Provisión and Ö Commission Herchant. and dealers in Water linie. Lsmi l'kister.aud Plagler Paris. No. 16 East Ünron street. a SDXDHEIX, "liolesale and Uetail Dealer 5 iu Kfütlv vlade Clothlng, Clotba, U:it meros, ttiDKs.audGi;ut'í Fornlshlng Qouds. Nu. South tnu Street. H.WAUBIIÍB, Maler in R-a!y Marte' 'loth 'ing, tJIuilis. CawimeVe, Vertlögs, Bats, Caps, tracks, arpct Hgia, &c. 21 Sonto Maiu strcet. WLJIOBE & FISKE, BoofcceUers audStaII :in.-rb M-dlcal Law and College Text Booka, fcbwt ai:d Iscellaneou liooks. No. 3 North Main i'.reet. Gnory Bliick, Aun Arbor. F1XLKY A; LiKWIS. Poalera lo Boote, Shoeg, n, a ipp.f ■, útc. iXu. z oasi miruu nrsnj lnii Hriior. TOAU W. CHEEVEK, ATTORNEY AT LAW ! OfcewiihE W. Morgan, Kast sldeorcourt House .,"lir... 1331 J. F. SCHAÉBËRLE, Teatiier oí M iimc. G'"es lnatrucüon on the PIANO, VIOLIN AND GUITAR, hls office. No. 57 South Main strcet, (Moore'B kj:idiu"j,orat the resldeaceof the papil. PIANO TUNIfvG, aideaspecialily and BatlsfacÜOD guaranteed; l3J4jrl (K 0 C K E B Y . fllASSWÁEE & GUOCERIES, J. & Donnelly Harein store a largo stock rfUror.ker,01as9'iirn, iin.i'iHlery Urocene, &c, Lc. all to be ■ líldatunus'lally low price. No Bast Harón Htrnct, Aun Arlior. uistr j. s'. powei.IíY. íohñg7"gTll, DEALER 11 FRESH AND SALT MEATS, I,AKF), S.MSAiKS, Ktr., OriorBsoliciled nnd promptly fllled with thebest Miu in the market. 81 Baal Washington street. Aun Arbor, Rept. 16th, 1SCO. 1486tf j F. BROSS, Man'.ifacturer of HMUCE8, BCCC1G8, MJIBEIt WAtOXS, SPltl.VV MIAiOS. CETTEMí m.s-:k.hs, &c. lllwork warranted of the bel materiar. Repalr1 done promptly and reasonab (e. All work wiir'ited to irive perfect sati-factiou. Cb S utri Jlaiu Weet. lMSyi NAUKSEV, tJT- Mantttactnrerof Cirriages, Buggies, Wagons, HD SLBIOHS of every (tyle. made ofthe beat ■ív.erlat, and warranted, oorse BhoelDg and ReKlrin done prom,)tly anfi priesa rdaaODablC. "tolt Street, nn:ir R. K. Depot, Aun Arbor, ilich. USSfl J)R. C. A. LEITEli CONTINÚES TO PDT UP AND FII.L Physicians Prescriptions, At all hours, at No. 1 Gregory Block. C. A.LEITEU & CO. Aon Arbor, Dec. 22d 1871. 1354 )R.U. B. PORTEE", DENTIST. 5in theSAVINGS BAKKBLOCK, Ann Arbor. MlOperations on the Natural Teeth PERFORMF.T) WITH CARE. fflStTRPASSED FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCE rauw artTficTal teeth, TO aiVE KACii [HOrVIDüAL; '"'M o ie proper lite, rhapt,r.olor. firntneêrund na al expretaion. 1244 ( C.JENKINS & H. RANDOLPH "WFIITE, M. D. DENTI8TS. ESER OF MAIN AND WASHINGTON ST'S. A-U OperationB peiformed in the Most Thorough and Scientific marnier. 'íltrous Oxide Gas constantly on hand, W admlnistercd wlth perfect safety. ""SwiCIARS1 PRBSCR1PTIOSS vccuua". Kr.y anu C AREFULL Y PREPABED , IÍ. TT. KLLIE & OO.,DRUGGI818. L' - MICHHJAÜÍ CEXTltAL K V1LR0AD. BUIOCBB TIME TABLE. Passenger traína now leave the scveral itations, a ollows: GOIN'O VTKST. u -2 W W STATIONS. „ W ! JO o n i í_ - IB p a & i5 A. M. A. M. I'. M. 1'. M. y. M. Detroit, leave, 7 UO !) 30 4 10 5 40 9 30 YtSSSti 8 28 10 28 5 40 7 05 10 40 L'mArbor, 8 52 10 f 7 6 05 7 40 1100 ttoxter, 9 20 S6 - 9 40 8 25 ir," í.ke, 10 07 8 52 A. K. ;";'k-.:n! ' 1040 12 ís 930 1215 V. M. V. MA. M. KalavuMO. 2 10 2 55 12 25 - - iluranarrive, _ 8 20 S 00 6 7 30 OOfflO EAST. t il é ii . i -A 's, . 7. P P M. T. M. A. M. A. M., leave, 5 15 U 00 6 00 9 00 Kalamazoo, SS " M 2 00 A. M. P. M. Jackson. 1 55 4 S5 I 00 4 17 OnweLake, 5 w 2 32 Chrln 5 25 A. M. 3 58 5 40 7 05 4 15 - A.nii Arbor, 2 22 6 00 7 35 4 12 SU .,,j Í8S 6 20 8 00 5 05 5 40 Detroit, arrivc, 3 85 7 25 _ 9 25 6 25 6_45 The Dextor Train runs to Jadtson Sntur.lay .veninc on "Evcniutr Expros" tiine.imd liiick Slonday morning on itaown, The "Nigït Kxpiess" ilocs nol pa oiurt Monday moniiMj The Átlnntic and Pncüie Expiéis run belween Jackson niid Nilea on the All Line. Dated Nov. 25th. 1871. püKT WAYNE, JACK6ON AND Saginav Railrcad. The most direct route to EttWn, rhilHadphiii, Baltiroore, Washington, uní uil pomts south uud southweat. Trains run by Chicago Time. TEAINB OOINO 8ODT1I. Mail. Jjprfi.. Jngola Ace. Ati, Arhnr 10 57 A. M. ,tïr' 7 1ÏA.-. H17P.-. 4 25...M. ST' SS 3 - Auburn, 'O 4 42 Vort Wuroe, n 45 e Louisville, 11 iBATjrs aoiso nobtb. noola vlcc. Erprtss. Mul. Iuisville, 30A.M. ■ rndinnapoU, "■ ] I.' .rf U'iivne 1 IUA. . "i iv i . . Auburii 12U8P.B. 13 A U ÜU 1 II f _ ,-. i o - Wattrloo, IJ ; " Ann Arbor, 4 t latkson- Close connections aro ma lp with Michtima CmtnJ, JaCtaon. iJmsing & Sasinaw, and l.nmd &MU" BbW & Michigan SouthCnuHwX'rlnO-With Lake Shore & Michigan South"ArtwU-With Wttómig. Fort W„vo & CWcmo; TolSo, Wabasfc & Wertem.nd Ft. Ti ayne, Muncie&Cinci,.n,.ti Baiteoa. ERN6T_ Supt. Kod't. Eillie, Gen'l. Ticket Ag't. Dcc. 11, 1871. --- -===== PLAffiTlÜ BITTERS. S. T. 1860 - X. This wondeiful vegetable restorative. is the elieen-anchor of tbc fetble and debilitated. As a tonic and cordial for the aged and languid it lias no eqaal araong stomachics. As a rWñedy tor the ïiervous weakness wiñeh womon are eepeeially subjeeted, it is supereeding every other 6timnlant. In all cliraatee, tropical, températe or frigid, it acts as a specificin every species of disorder wliich uiidonnines the bodily strength and breaks down the animai bpirits. 1355-yl. Boautiful Woman! HAGAVS HAGJÍOUA BALM pivc to tbe Couiplexion the Freslincs of ïouth. H.WAïi'f M.tosoi.iA Baih overcomes the f.uihca appearancecausedby heat, fatigue and excitement. It makes tbe lady or forcy gppeir but twen ty. and go ttfttnral nnd ptifect that no person can detect ts pplIcatlOD. By its use the r.mghest skin ie made to rival tbc pure radiant texture of youthfnl beauty. It removes redaess, blotches, and pimples. It contaiuenot'.iins that will injure the skiu in the least. HagBolla Ualm ie used by all faslilnablc ladics in New York, L"ndon and Paris. It costs onlj 7:, cents per Bottle, aud is sold by all Drugglsts and Perfumera. 18H-e3w-y. BOOKS. füOOKS. iii J. R. WEB8TEB & CO. SEW BOOK STORE HEAB THE " EXPRESS OFFICE." LOOK TO YOUB INTEREST AM 'CALL. BOOKS. i JTLOXJR. QRAHAM FLOÜK, BTJCKWHEAT FLOÜB, CORN HEAL, FEED OF ALL KIDS. All the above articles iirc warranted to have no oupcrior in For sale at Partridge's Flouring MillsN. IS.- Grlsting done at Bhori notlce. TACKSON WAGONS! J A Car Load of JACKSON WAGONS Jnet received at Rogers' Agricultural Warehousc. Thonc whn wnnt lackson Wagone, had bettoren for them now at the presint LOWPRICES! asthpreiseoon to be ahont cieht dollars fl,lf-1 !,- the present on account of the advanee In iirkc of Wagon stocks. p M. ROGÉRS. U30m3


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