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The Missing Records

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rno acraana oí uenerai asueii tnat eer e hun wftr documente, supposod to be ? ly filed away in the aicfuves of the War ülfice, be bvought out to aid him in Í ing his military charaoter,' and to support in-, obarges against the military c tors of Orant aud Halleob, hos given the 1 country afurther ingight iuto themanner ' in whioh luisiness is done at that mout. It turns out that the documenta ' vrhioh be wants, and whioh Congress J od to havo spread bofore it, are not to be ' found. On the contrary, Congress is 1 formed that General Badeau, a White Houso footman, sent to Kurope cine inri ; since, took these records along to litlji ' hiin write a military history oi' General ' (ii;mt. Ftirther, it is admitted that ' tain other ofticers havo been allowecl ;k'coss to the military papers in the War ' Office, and that many of the papen have been stolen, and otilen badly mutilated, ' to oonoeal the short cominga of oertain : pet generáis. Not one of the docuincnts relativo to tho battlo of Shiloh, which Buoll saveil to Qrant, or to Halleok'g parade around Corinth, or Buell's remoral (o save (rant's military ehanicter, are to be found. InjUSt so many words Buell obaiges, Grrant with intoxioution during the battle of Shiloli, and with inoompetenoy at other timos, and avara that he oan prove it by official doonments which shouUl be found in the WarOffloe. Antioipatiug Uieso charges, tho papers have been spiriteil away, as wrll asthose which Buell demanda to olear lus own reputation. Congress has deraauded that those papers be produced, and seoins inolined to give Buell a chance to substantiato his s ü lie eau. That ia a satisf'actory step. Tho country now domands that there shall be uo whitewashing in favor of either sido. It has often been charged that Grunt's reputation was acquired throngh the work othor generáis, and . that he often puriled a battle by an over; uso of liquors, and if he tan vindícate . himsolf in a square, honest way, it is to i his advantage to do it. - Detroit Fret Prest.


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