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The Work Of The Leaf

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What does it do ? It pumpa water froni the ground, through the thousaiuU of tubes in the stem of the tree, and sends it into the atmosphere in the forra of unBeen mist, to be condenscd and fall in showors- the very water tliat, were it not tor the leaf, would sink into the earth, and find its way, perohanoo, through subterranean cliannels to the sea. And thus it is that we seo it works to give us " the early and tho latter rain." It works to send the rills and streams, liko linos cd silver, down the mountuin and across the plain. It works to pour down the largor btooks that turn the wheels that energize machinery, which gives employment to millions - coiuinerce stimulatcd- wealth acemnulated, and intelligenoe disseniinated through tho agency of this wealth. The leaf does it all. It has been domonstrated that everv square inch of leaf lifts 3-Ö00 of an ounce of water evory twenty-four hours. Now, a large forest trun lias abont five aores of foliage, or 6,272,640 square inche3. This being multiplica by 3-600, the amount pumped in every inoh, givts us thu result - 2,32 ouncos, or 1,176 quarts, or 297 gallons, or eight barrels. Tho trees on an acre give 800 barrels in twenty-four hours. An acre of gvass, or oiover, or grain, would yield about the same result. Tho leaf is a werker, too, in another field of labor, where we seldom look - where it works fot the good of man in a most won derful mannes. It oarries immense quantities of oleotricity from the earth to the clouds, and from the clourls to the eartb. Rather dangeroua business transporting lightning; but it is pnrticularly fitted for this work. Did you ever see u leaf entire as to its edgesr It is alwaya pointed, and tlieso pointed odges, bo they lai sinall, are just flttod to handle thigerous agent. Those tiny fingers seize upon and carry it away with ease and wonderful dispatoh. There must br i dolay ; it is " timo í'iciglit." Truc, somotimis it gathers up more tlian the trunk eau carry, and in tho attempt to crowd and paok the baggage tlie trunk getsterribly shattored, and we say that lifihtning strook tlio tree But it has been strnok a thousand times bofore. This time it was overworked. - .4m. Ju.


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