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The Cincinnati Convention

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The Liberal Republioan Convention at ;,-.;i temporarily organized on . , with Hou. Stanley MaxTHEW8, of Ohio, President, r.r.d affcer adopting a resolatiou pioridini? for tl o on by thosu present from the seYeral of delegates doublé tl. o aambei of tbe (';i!grossional tsprewntation of c-uch State, to constitute the convention, irned to 10 o'clook a. m. on Thursiü was a very large attend from the central and western Htotes, with delegates from every Ptate. Thr 1 lii g oandidates foi the nomination fot Pfedont en, Adams' Browh, Oei, Datb, Greeixy !nd TaUMBULl, and n, at thia writing, 5o'clock P. K.Thuwday, we have the aimounoement of no Tot, it i Mel es to speoulaté upon tbe reanlt. We may get it before wc go to prcBS, but probably not. Later. - Tlio convention mot at 10 A. M. yesterday. appointed conimittct on crpdentiiils aml permnnnt organization, and took reoess to 3 p. M. ADAM and rRTJMBTJLl geem to lead. ïhn Tice Pres is dependent upou the location of the prusidfiitial nomineo.


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