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Supervisors And Auditors Curbed

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Tu tho Supremo Court at Detroit, on Tuosday, an itnportani decisión waa made. For years the board of auditorsof Wayno y and tli" supervisors of this and ities, dnregarding the plaincst provisión of law, havo nllowed tliir meinbera Pees and por diom allowances in excess of the statutory priee. This ih ?y ilaimed te do únder tho following ion of tho Constitution : "The board of supervisors, or in the county of Wayne tl i o board of auditor, Bhall have the exclusivo power to prescribo atid fix tho compensation for all services rendered for, and to adjunt all claims againsf their respective counties, and tho sum so fixcd or definod sholl be subject tono uppoal." JudgeS ÓhEISXLASCT and Cool.F.Y hold that by no mode of coBftaiiotíon, oompar■ :■ precedent dons this lsngunge give the aaditora and supervisors the power to fix their own compensation in defiance of' ld they oite the debates in the Con Btitational Conventiou, the action of the iirst Legisluturo uuder the new Consi.itution- coujposecl largely of membi rs of the Constitutioual Conventic-n, and decibiuns of the Court as early as 1885. The same reasoning, tlioy say, that furbids a justico or jndge hearing or determining a suit fbr or against himself, would forbid a su pi rvisor or auditor fixing hia own fees or Bulary. In this view Justice Cami concurs. MeSSrB. CHEI8TIAHCY and CAMP'"■■ - 'v - ''' ■""1 '.i'iiniriin the right öf tho Legislature to prescribo feebilis in all cases, whieh shall goveru supervisors and auditow in passing upon claims, holding such boards simjjly auditing boards and not law-mrikiiig boards ; but Justice Campuell is uot prepared to go quite so far. The caso was the Auditors of "Wayne County against the County Treasurer wlio refueed to pay orders for salary in excess of the amount fixed by statute and tho mandamus prayed far was denied. to bo hopod that faiereaftor boards of sniu'rvisors will scrutinize their. own as carefully as they have heretoof county and town oiïieers anil uot spend wholo daya of a oonuuittee's tiino to knock six cents otf froui ;t bttble's bill, whilo they allow them sel ve doublé the statutor; ia, anc thousands of dollars unauthorizal ' cjiiitioa." Superviton tun no longtr alove Cue law. State Troasurer Collier is persistently rebellious in disoboying the spirit if not the letter of tho deorew of the Suprerau Court, shultoring himself uudcr a subpoona issuod from the District Oourt of the United States at Detroit. Xotwithstandin Justice Cami-uell, speaking for the Caurt, in tho mandamus suit of tho Township of Lagrange w. tlu State Treasurer, said, " Tho writ mu granted as prayed for, and we trust it will not bo neoessary to interiore for the Bame purpose hereafter," Mr. Collïeiü has rofused to givo up the bonds deposii -1 in hia hands by Saline, Manchester, and other towns, voted in aid of the, BilUdale and Indiana Etaálro&d. These towos have been sued, in connection wilh tho Goernor and Treasurer, niace the deoision of ouï Suprome Court, and the ïreasurer haapt on to the boiids like a hungry nitistifr to a bono. Is the urer a State oiïit;er, bound by State laws as iaterpreted by the bighest State Court, or tho agent of railroad oorporations'r' Tho Supretuu Court oiight to be to devise somewritto proteet tho towns against the Treasurer's obstinaoy. Perhaps a round bilí or two of costs inight aid in the work. TQEEE was another Park pow-wow in Detroit on Wednesday. The meeting was hold outside the City Hall, on the GrijwoM street front, :'ii imimnso and noisy crowd beiiifj gatheced. Doliberation was impossiblo, and an ftttempt to divide the crowd on a motion ordering U to purchase the Park i 1 in no result; tbat is tho Mayor a.ud nsaiattuit tellers' could not deoide. letroit is to liavo no Park, and bogidos, hercitwena have got terribly by -rs, - It is about time the 'it y charter provided soiae Other way of taking a voto on suoh impnrtant questions. A regular , .'-eiidn, with voting plaoes and ballot S, is tho only way. Botii hot'ses of Oongrosa havo finally i the moét demagogioal bill of the age, that of putting coffee and tea on the free list. Tha $20,000,000 more or loss thus turned away iioxn the troasury is to be-made good by conti,,' "ing tho duty on iron, steel, and ether fftbrios, the govornmont getting ono tlollai' to tho raanufacImcr i'uur or five. A nuuibuv Ol' l1 inomb rs lacked nerre to voto rig'.it, andjoinedtl lican proteotionists in tbrowiug this sop to tho wbale. Xho bill goas into qperatioa July Ist.


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