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In 18G0 Franco aud England agrood upon a treaty whicli virtual ly esttibíished freo trndo b tween the twu comí trios. The result has b -on mutnally benefioial to both, as tho foüowiug table will show : Exp'ufrom Imp'taof Briti b franc (o lloim: Pro Wars. Gr't Brit'n. intn Pi n. ■ 1!C1 L17,8 ■ L8,895,638 [863 - !1,67 616 1883 - 24,029,717 8,073,3 0 1 ií í - - ' ,1 91,626, 11 9,01)2,006 87,061.734 ll.JOO ]i 0 1867 - 33,734,836 13,12] d;;i 1868 - - 88,806,827 10.662 7S4 1-iiU - 88,627.380 il. 1870 - - 87,601,514 u,. Franco rusorvod the right to abrogntc His treaty on giving England a year's uótio, and this she has determinad, under the rulo ot' Thiors, to do, notwithstanding tho facts indioated in tho abuvo etiitfiuont. ïhicrs is a jirotoetiomst of life-long conviotions, and ho c.miiot yield lus prejudieescviüi in tlio faco of gúch irrüsistiblo faotB. Fianoe is being beneíited oven to a greater cxti-nt thsm :ud by tho oxistenoe ot' thia traftty, and yet tho bliud y.eui ot' the protoctionists cUla tor its abrogation. Undor tliis treaty it has moro th.ui doubled the foreign market of its produots, and yt ihe protootiunists aro uot 8:it:?iied. - Vrtt


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