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The Missouri Tragedy

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The tragedy ut Holden, Alo., last Wedw.v lay, of which tin: telegrama havo already made roport, was enactod by i ofpeopleof CassCounty who believed thcmsuivos to havo bei n dafrauded, viu tVmiivl tueinsolves without legal in and who at last dotormined that tha of. ndors should bu brought to justic: Bven if it was to the justice of Lrcs Lynch. The cause of this deplorable outbreak commenoed fonrteen years ao. when the couuty issued bonds u aid of th i Mi ou ri Paoific Kailroad, which were retainod in the county treasury on the g this eompany had not perforiaed its port of the contract. These bonda were ta " by tho Federal troopa duriug the war, and, also during the war, returni i to the county treasury, thu railroad coiupauy wsiving all riglit thoreto. At'tcr this, howrvor, Judg luson and Foreyth oonvonedthe Couuty Court, and with the assiatanoe af Jamen Cliae, Geo. Bhelby, 11. B. Higgins, and otlierá, reissucil the bonds with acerued interest, $229,000 in all, the judges taking advantage of their positiou to give the I tion an appearance ot' legality to which it was not entitled. Iho meinbersof this ring divided their plunder, and it tho tnmution of their project lastMaroh fled in all directions, pur&uecl by oflicers. Higgina was first caught, and hu straightwny oommitted suioide. The othors roud in tho banishment of their own :. . fcing hut a short time, when they Beemed to have deoided to return hum fice it out. They wure afc onco beset by i.ity who bad thoroughly organized for hunting them down, and some of them escapea aftera friendly warning na to what was in store for them. Laat Wednesday, Judgo Stevenson, wilh Ciinc and Dutro, whilo trav eling on the cara, were arrested at Holden by men wlio had boarded the train :i few miles beyond tho station, and killed, the murderera firing shot after shot into t f.ict'-i of the daad imtii they were disQgured beyood reoognition, tamighi besupposed, the intense ■ ■ií.'iiur! has loaped aoross the linea into : the Burrouiiding oounties. Gov. Brown dered the bandits to disperse and disarro, under penalty of the law ; bttt lus i proclamation is sneered al by the ■■.■ i mte, ! who say Cass Connty Í8 in the hands ■ f he people, and will suffer so disturbanoe ] r interferenee i'vom any sourc - Free Press, April 30. Aoting Sceretary of the Treapury E irdson oted the Assistant Trpnsuro:' a' New Yor'r t i Dttrohas I $2 t'110,0 0 o bonds each Wt dnesdnv and scll JOOofgoH eaohThursday during May, t m al tlO.OOOiQQQ of o:ich.


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