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jIillek's Troupe talled to inake tlieir „pillee Mon lay niglit. glorlous rain made all vcgetatlon Zli lat Tucsilay niglit. JTlie nealhtr lias taken aglorinus ,,l mul a "' ''ivfüc up " is imminent. fü.An adjourned term of the Circuit Lgrt is lu be held Tuesd? 1R'xt' MaJ' .Tlie F P"1 appered o Wertnes; .enlarged to a 40 column sheet- 10 eol?y to tlie pajre. Thls is a botter waj n IgRiiins snppl mcuts. "„ ftev 11. P. Cüttins ül leoture :u the Mttrisn Church on Bnnciny even Ing, on lilis Wtcliffb ;ind tlie lirst Englisli ' ,:,i: ui of the Bible. The public are (IKjd to attuud. __ --he DCW boíl for the it. E. Church jabeen placed in posltion, and rang out r the lirst time lust Subbatli. It is 100 ialKls heavier tlian the old one, mul pos■jgf :i ;iio(1 tolK'. ïhe Juckson CUizm (weekly edition) ijs boen lucrpaiied In sizr, and is now n ■;, culuiii quarco, - the largest paper in ..átate. And ftlmost read out of tne Relean partv at that. .- vVaunkh, tho Bhonrman, havinglearn (l ttiat the counly couldn't afiTord to lence jils Co'-irt House, hasgratultoulriinderiikcn the job. Beveral clccorated panela ite ílnatly up ou the west tilde. L John Lowuy, formerlj of Lodl iöilgcounty, dled at liyron, Shlawassec uiiuiy, on ibe (ii!i tilt., aged 79 years. !!■ ,n!ed In Lodl n lt"2ij, and n:is lof nmny wrsB proinlneut man in the county. _ Lust Monday's Detroit Fret l'iotshaú je fuilowing among its ' Hlscellaneoas [t!f;ran)s " : "Depot buildings for the lltdo, An Arbor a il Northern Hailroad win coitrse of construction at Toledo." :; & iïitle prsmattm. ■Kalief ha ving hit Manchester and s-institiitioin" seveiul hard raps in the Wf f tvo weeks ato, we perinlt Stwotingstlck" to return the raps in this [of the A nous. Ot the matten of difiitnce Of personal hila ive kno.v llttle and are ess. -In one of the latest lists of patenta, isiid fr week endlng April M, we noticLij iollowiiig : Whip Socket - S. W. ach, Ypsilauti ; Metslic Fire-Proof ÖhutT-J. II. Clark, Vpsiiiinti ; Washiug Mi jlne-W. üooper, Ypsihuiti ; Brlck Kilu - Elscle. Ann Arbor. - The Item in the last Arous wlilch ultd thnt ".Airs. Dr. Latbbop vvlll ' km the Mormon's Poreign Mlj&ionary x-ïety ," shouid have real " Woraen's For;n Misslon:iry Society." Ye local has itnscverely thrcatenerl for the error, bi:t inliupes to avoid serious injuries ly this netlod. -Theyomig hidiea of the ist Baptist tnrch wlll hold a May Plower Festival basement of the Presbyterlan Church i Ifednesday evenlnjc, the 8üi lust. iuts of all k'inl.s suHable for gaedeu or use, with bouqiuts and hanging baskets III be for sale. Refreshiseuta wHI liso be rvtd. Admission 10 ceiüs.


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