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Dry Bathing

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Regular bathing, so far as the people of this country are concerned, is certainly a habit of quito moderate adoption. Tho father8 and mothers and grandfathers and grandinothcrs of those who Lave reached middle lifo, seldoin or nover bathed, except in the warm inonths of' sunimur. Their dwellings afforded ÖO conveuienccs for tbe act, if they flt the seed of performing it. As a general thing the health was unaftected by tliis omission. Why was this ? Because of their oceupations and their inothods oí' living. They were activo workers, they woro but a suiall amount of olothing, they lived tnuch in tho open sir, and their dwellings woro without stovo and furiiacn heat. If any one in theso days will exorciso iu the opon air, so that eaoh rtay he wili perspire moderately, and if he will wear thin under-giirments, or none at all, and sleep in a cold room, the functions of tho skin will suffer Jittle or no impediment if ■water is withheld for months. Indeed, bathing is uot the only way in which its healtbful action can be iiuiintained by those living undor the conditions at present existing. Dry friction over tho wliole BMrface of tlie body, 0111:0 a day, or onco in two days, is often of moro service than tno poplication of water. The reply of tho centonarían to tho inquiry, to what habit of life ho attributed his good health and extreme longevity, that hebolieved it due to "rubbing himself all over with a cob every night," is significant of an important truth. If invalids and peraons of low vitality would use dry friction and i)r. Frunklin's "air-bath " every day for a considerable period, vre ore confident thoy would ottcn be groatly benoiited. Cloanliness is noxt to godliness, no doubt, and a proper and judieioua use oí' water is to be commmidod ; but human bcings aro not amphibious. Nature indicatee that tlie funotions of tho skin should be kept in ordor mainly by muscular exercise, by exciting natural per8iiration by labor; and delicious as is the bath, and healthful ander proper regulations, it is no substituto for that exercise of the body without whioh all i tho functions beoome abnormul. - Ftr side Science.


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