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Good News For The Peach Tree

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Tho yeUowit, which have been sueh a bañe to peaeh orchards, promise so to continue no longer. Simultaneously from the East, South and West comes word that tho treo revives, puts forth new foliage, and ripons its fruit under the inrluenco of liot water and ashos.t, John Whittlosoy, Esq., was tho fint in his vicinity to announce thia discovory of fungoidal disease at tho root of the troo. Mr. Thomas Mochan, of the Gardmer'a Monthh, shörtly after announced his investigations in the samo direction, a most lucid artielo, which we published at tho timo, Tho investigations of Prof. Kodzie, of the Lansing State Agricultural Colloge, on the yellows, led him in the samo direction and to thü Mme conelusions. We aro safo in saying that the right direotion has at laat been icached in tho investigation of this diseaso and its remedy. As yet the Bubjeot lias not been exhausted, nor has certuinty been rcached in tho eradication or euro of the ovil. This, howover, is certain, that tho application of hot water and ashes has saved many trees. Evory treo in every orchard ought to have a pail of hot water poured around the collar of the tree every spring. This would accomplish two resulta, namely : It would lcill the peach borer or grub, and an-ost the yellows in its incipient stige Bither one of these rosults would " aiuply compénsate tho labor involved. - SU Joseph lïerald.


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