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ItStnëss directory," p, fimr doorí et of SUW JJ . "i. uï'oumi.ic.rpets and ürocerlo. Slt'fl _- gfcii8tteet.AnnArbor. _ inArbor. - - : . ÏaCKSON, Dcntlst.succesmrtoC. B. W . &,"L corm-r M.lD and DM eU. Vndï.ivwönStre,.. üct. door east of Pre.brijn Chorth . An Arbor, Mlch. ÍT'wTioIIsí. Dealer In Huta and Cape, Jffceon Iluron Strei-t. So 31 South Main Btreet. . Arbor. , nf AWAOIf & SON, Groccn, ProvWon anfl r,.ilui!.i10euf PumtolJiigGoudí. No. Jbouiu Kun Streel. _--- - ■ ciothB. CiwSmere, v.-muil-. Ilx.taps, M.torpat lt, te M -■■" Kb ttril..71OK A.risKl-;, n,.„ks,llor, anrtSUitreel.ífrci-'ort llKick, Aun aiuúi. FI.NLKV & LKVIS,l)ealeri1nBooif.ShoC8, (litei,Sup!ire,c Mo.1 East Huron streel, inn itlwr. jJOAfi W. OBKKVEK, ATTORNET AT LAW ! OOI wlH E. W. Morgou, Kast side ofCoart Honac jtiue. 1M1 J. F. SCHAEBEBLB, Teacher .f Music. Q'-culnstraclion on th PIANO, VIOLIN AND GUITAR, il hls office. No. J South Mtin streüt, (Mooro'e iiildi"'). r at lUc resideace of the pupil. ' PIANO TÜNING, iide pedslity and natiBfaction guaranteed; ISMyl nROC KEÜ. Y. GLASSWARE & GBOCERIES, J. & Donnelly Htvin store a'.arirestocknfCrockerv.Glafsware, littdWarp.'r.tlciy tírocerie, Lc, C-. all to oe nldtunuiiRlly luw prlces. JOHN G.OALL, DEALER I3NT PRESH AND SALT MEATS, UKR, S.US.MiKS, KIe, Ordcrolicitcdandpron-.ptly filled wlth tliebeet at in the market. BI Bwt WwhlngtOB Street. Ano Arbor, 8cpt. lfith. 1S69. 18tf T F. BRüSsT Mnnnfuctaror of riRKIAi.KS, M4MMB8, l.lHBEIt W.IC0S8, 8PRIXG W.160S8, CITTERS, SLKK.IIS, kt. Ulwork warrnntfd of the boni mnteriar. Repalrnsdonepromptlyandreasouablc. All work warlotfd to give perfect satifction. 8S S'nth Mom Kreet. 183y' VT ARKSEÏj SK Manntacturcrof 5arriages, Baggies, Wagons, ANDSLBIOHSof every style. made oí the beet ■Iterial, and warraulcd. Horse-shociiiR and Retrioe done prom,tly tnd pricea rsonWe. 'Iroit Street, nesr R. R Depot, Aun Arbor, Mich LSMjrl R. C. A. LEITEK COXTINXTE8 TO PUT UP AND FILL Pliysicians Prcscriptions, At all honra, at No. 1 Qregory Block. C. A. LEITKK & CO. Aan Atbor, Dec. 22d 1871. 13&t HR.C. B. PORTER, DE1STTIST. Beein the SAVIKGB B ANKBLOCK, Ann Arbor. Ml Operations on the Natural Teeth fBRFORMKD W1THCARE. ÏW3URPASSED FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCE SETTIli ARTÏFÏcÏAI TEETB, TO GIVE EACH INDIVIDUAL; trts oj the proper aize, shapt.t;olart firmneeaond na al erprettinn. 1244 JACKSON WAGONS! A Car Load f ACK8ON WAGONS just reRogers' Agricultnral Warehouse. Those who wnnt Jacknon Wngons hRd better go r them now nt the preaent LOA PRICES'. there is soon to be abont eieht dollars nrtrtf rt to tnt prpftcnt price on account of the advance In price ■ Wigoetocks. M. ROGERS. 13L)m3 ipEOPLE'S DRUG STOiii'.i R. W.ELLIS& CO. :' I ' _ 1 . , KICKKMK CENTKAL KAILR0A1). SUMMER TIME Fasaenper traintt now lenve the several stations, as oIIowb : ooino webt. ___ ' .. i ui Á Á i t 5 1 ï I a S_ S w _ph_ ' A. M. A. M. r. M. P. M. P. M. Detroit leave, 7 00 9 30 4 10 5 40 N Sint 8 28 10 28 5 40 ', 05 1 40 Arti'r, 8 52 10 f 7 6 05 7 40 1100 „tei 20 6 35 8 05 "mh 40 8 25 10 07 8 52 A. M. HcCwn K. 40 12 14 9 30 12 15 p. M. 1'. M. A. M. „Lvmazoo, 2 10 2 M 12 S - - hicgo arrive, 20 g_0fl _■■' L OOIKO FA8T. V ft L B y? p. V. P. M. A. M. A. M. bicogo, leaVe, S15 UOO 6 00 9 00 Kalamaioo, g Jk.m,. "iS 4 35 3 00 4 17 ir:,, r,nke, ' - - Ohelsoa. - f A; ■ : A mi rbor 3 52 6 00 7 ÍS 4 42 5 24 YmiHiVt? S 33 6 20 8 00 t OS 5 40 The Dextcr Tram rana te .Tnckion Saturday eveninB on " ETening Bqn" Hm, an.J back Monday morninB on itsown. Tbc " Night BzpMH" 0i not oasseast Mondfiy morniiijr. The Atlantic and TaciHc Exprets tün belween Jacknon nnd Nik's on the Air Line. Itat.d Nov. 23th. 1871. ■ TH)KT WAYNE, JACKáüJN AND Saginaw Railrcad. The most direct route to rittaburg, Philadelphia, IWllimore, Washington, nml 11 point aouth and ■o'uthweat. Tnlu run by Mengo Time. THAINS OIXO SOUTH. Mail. Express. Angola Ace. SS 11 S Auburn, W A " Fort Wayne, 5 (■immnati,, 6 30 A. M. LouisviUe, 11 "" TnAINS GOINO NOBTH. Angola Ace. Kxprttt. Mt. i.usvm,., "'- lijjf;"( inoinnuti, Vüñi. v 10 21 ' ' KfsgS iíx:í."ióp.. Aubu:1 ■ sy Juncsvillc, 2 ;'" i ?í Aan Arlr, i'. -4 At Jackson -rloae connections ni-o mth MlehtaSSfwSt-1" fihorei MichiganSouth"ifwSSrtio-WÏÜi Lakc Rliorc & Michigan BooUh CVAtAForOviyn!-With rittrtmrfr, Fort Wfime & Toledo, W.W Western, and Ft. Wayne, MuncieSCincinnati Uta. A EliNST_ gupt Bob't., Gen'l. Ticket Ag't. Station bitters. S. T. - 1860 - X. This wonderful vcgetaUe restorativc is the sheen-anclior of tlic feeble and debilitutftd. Ae a tonic and cordial lor the aed and langnid it has no equal among stomacliics. As a roinedy for the nervone weaknesesg- wlueh women are espccial'.y siiKjecied, it is superseding every otlier stiinulant. In all climates, tropical, températe or frigid, it acts as a specific in every species of disorder which nnderniiiK'S the bodily strength and breaks down the animal spirits. 1856-yl . For lreftervlnsr and Bpautlfylnsr tlie Human Ifair. To Pro vent ituFallIngr Out and Turiiiiii; (ira). A wellprceervtd Head of Ilair, in a person of mid. dleage,toncebcpcaksreflnement,elegsnci!,heaHh and beauty. It may trjly be called woman's crowning lory, while men are nnt insensible to it advanta'eê nnd charm. Few thinge r more dingustlng than thin frluly.harsli, nntamcd hair ,with hcad and coïtcovcredwlthdandniff. Visit 1 barberandyon feel and look llke a new man. Thl" is what I,yon's Katliairon wlll do all the time. The charm which lies in well placed Hair, Glossy Cnrl, LuxnriantTrBSBeB.andaClcanllead, is notioeable and irresietlble. Sold by all DrncKiets and Conntry StDreï. n-i3t'3wly BOQKS. BOOKS. - J. U. "WEBSTER & CO. NEW ROOK STORE NE AR THE " EXPRESS OFFICE." LOOK TO TOUR INTEREST AX1) (.'ALL. i BOOKS. ii JTLOTJR. GRAHAM FLOUR, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR, COEH MEAL, FEED OF ALL KINDS. All the above artlcle are warranted to have nu superior Ín For sale t Partridge's Flouring MillsK. B.- Gristing done at liuri notice. jVfONEY. ThOinbgcribcrB are at most 11 times in a sittw tion tofurnish partles with money In soms of Ffvc ' IInndred to Flve Thoaeand Dollars on nniucum bered farmc. COLMAN, ROOT & KINNE. Ann Arbor.ian. lst.lT2. 1865tf ' GotoR.W.EHIS CO'b for 3trictly Pure Drugs and Medicine s ,Paiht e ,Oils , &c .


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