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Pen Portraits Of The Court At Geneva

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Tho Goneva correspondent oi the London Times writes as follows, under date of the 16thtul.: " I have olreacly told you that the contending parties have been gonerally congratulated upon their happy choice of umpire-. The Italian Government doserves tho highest credit for the appointment of their representativo. Theycould not have found in tho whale península a gentleman bettfir qualifir-d for tho task imposed on him tban Count Sclopis di Salerano. IIo is a gontloman highly dia-' tinguished both tor his preficiency in all legislativo studies, und for the parí he played in the great events whieh lutely changed tho des tinies of his country. I [o was one ot' tho statesmen chosen by Charleü Albort to draw up a constitutiou Piedmont'ia 1847-'8, and war. n. moinber of that King's Oabinet - I beliove hs Mmiatei' of Justice - on the first inëtallation oí a liberal goveüim;:it In later days hc sat on the right of tlie Chaniber, ii'd ?ub3eqapntly the Scnnto, diiring the adiuinistration of Count Cavour, and wus, with Count Hevel, one ofthe leadolt of the Conservativo opposition. Had it depended upon Count Solopis, Piedmout v.'imld nevur havo nnulis common cause ■with ths westers idlif;s in the Crimean war of 18,54. Italy, perhaps, would nevcr liave bee:i united, aud she would certainly never have found her way to Rome. As a member of the aristocratie und clerical party, Count Selopis was lopked opon as a codino, er roitctionist in ïtirin. But he was universally respeoted for Irs high oharacter, even by his most delermined adversarios ; and, although his inlluence on public affairs considerably declined, hc was relied upon for earnest and enlighted pati-iotisiu. Lïke Massimo d'AzBglio, he had no faith in tho possibility of an annexation and fusión of the nortli with the south of Italy ; and, like Count Balbo, he ras too strong a Catholic to think that the aspirationa of Italy shauld be allowed to interfere with thy imprescriptible rights of the Holy Sno. Hi: md been and is one of the most distinguishcd mombeis of the Turin Academy, and has contributt'd to its essaj's a valuabie wovk on the 'Diplomatic Helatirms of tlu: louso of Savoy and tho Kn lis'i Government from the Eaiiiest Time io the Peace of 1815.' Tlis litorary famo, however, chieñy rests on his ' History of Legislaion in Picdmont,' a work of unwearied esearqh, and rocümmendable for mature iritioism. I bclieve that hardly auymaa n Italy hns made tho scioiice of intornaional iaw the object of more a&iduotu mrsuit than Count Sclopis. The Swiss avbitrator, M. Staompfli, has been repoatdly at the head of tlie Federal govemnent, and his iufluenco is considerad )aramount, whether he is the actual ■"resident, or whether hc filis subordínate offices. The Brazilian arbitrator is tho epresentativo of tho Emperor of Brazil n Paris, and is conspicuous nmong the iplomatists of his country. The impresión araong tho persons I havr) c.onversed with is tha the whole controvursy bo'ore tho tribnnals will be carried on by vritinj, und all thn arbitrators are suttiiently conversant witli the English lanïuage to nnderstand thoroughly what, ;hey read. 'ove tho occasion tor oral iscTWsion to ariso, it is possiblo that gome )f tho aibitrators might be unable to folow the orators if they spoko English, )ut both tho English and American comnissioners would bo able to i;s ; Prench as ieely as their own nativo idiom. The -iord Chief Justice, as you are aware, is 'ully as eloquent in ouo languago as in heother; and the same, I believe, may )e asserted of his American colleague."


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