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When the war closed thero was a vast mount of material on hand which was old and largo sums of raoney realized iherefor, much of which has not boon acounted for by the government at Washngton. Congressman Beek, of Kenucky, has made repeated ciForts to have an investigation into the facts connected with this matter, but has, sv far, failed to ucceed. Tho friends of tho administraion do not deny the fact that the money ïas been received and is unaccounted for, )ut oppose investigation because it would ake so long to go through with the accounts and getall the facto. The validi;y of such an argument ea'n hardly havo any force with honest, intelligent men, and it never ought to )iave been set üp is a defense, when it is only an insult to :he intolligonoe of the people. If the noney bas been used in the necessary exenditures of tho govomnient it has heon used without authority of law, and in lain violation of the Constitution, ag no aw for its expenditure has been passed. Che amounts thus received and unaocounted for are, according to tables oomjiled by the Kochcster Uit ion, as folio ws : RECEIVED BT THE BÜBEAU OF OBDNANCE. 866 - - - - - l,079,937 73 867 - - 432,200 13 888 .... 2,330,767 36 860 ...... 1,372,967 66 870 - 2,107,202 83 071 - - - 9,960,895 97 $17,343,971 67 BECEIVED BY THE QCAIlTEBMASTEIt'lS BCBEAÜ. 866 $30,470,579 44 867 3,442,913 28 1867 16,246,718 46 868 - ... (1,841,270 (il 8C9 , 1,071,264 90 870 ... 1,039,26406 S70 ----- 8,SW,1UI 871 - - - 1,876,728 84 $69,286,798 56 lloro aro eighty-six millions of dollars which have como into the Treasury of the United States, and which are not included in the statement of recoipts and i'xponditures on the part of the Tren mi i y Department. The House, as early as February lst, adoptad a resolution calis ing upon tho Secretary of Warto fnrnfeb information in regard to theproperty belonging to tho United States, that habeen sold since the .'d of June, 18U, but the Secrotary declines to furnish tlio reqtdrnd information upon tho ground l tlxo increased labor it would requireto do so, and the K;uiical majority in the House siistain hini in his rofusal, because thui majority is wcll aware that tho information ïequired would auiount to an oxpoaure of enornious rasoalities on tho pari of tho Radical officials. - Vree Pftu.


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