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Tho term foolscap, to desígnate a cert.iin kind of paper, no doubt has puzzleá raany an inquirer. Tlio origin is not onby arausiiiK but historical. Charles I. of Eugland granted numerous monopolies for the support of the govcrnuient. Among othen was tho manufacturo of paper. The water mark oí' tho iinest sort was the royal armsof England. Thé consumption of this artielo was groat, and large fortunes were macjo by tlioso who had purobased the exclusive right to vi'inl it. This, among othor monopolies, v.':is set asido by tho Parlitunent tliat bi-ought Charles I. to the scaffold ; and by way of showing thtir conteuipt for th King, they ord rjd tho royal anus to b taken from tho paper, and a fooi with hi cap and bells to bo substituted. It i now over two hundred years since 1h foolscap was taken frora the pnpor, bu still tho paper of the sizo which til Rurap Parliaraent ovdered for their jour nals bears the name of the wator-mar placed there as an indignity to Charles.


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