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Utility Of Trees

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From 1866 to 18(5S inclusive, tho French rovemment conducted a series vf experments in relation to forest trees. These xperiments wero urider the direction of I. Mathinu, piofessor in the School of i'orostry at Nancy, and they provtd conlusively the important inlíusnce which veos exort upon climato. It was obRorvd that during eight months in the years mentioned, there feil in the open country 'rom 23.25 to 33.93 inches of rain ; and in ie wooded country for tho same period, rom 26.48 to 30.41 inohes. It -was also emonstratedthat tho cutting down of orests, by giving an unimpeded path to be windB, causes the rain-fall to evaporte rapidly, and thus increases the drouths f summer ; whilo at the same time the winters are made moro severe by a lack f that moisture in the atrnosphere which forests hold. In short, nothing is leeeaMtry to make the most fertile land terile hut a systematic inassacre oí trees, 'he State Agricultural Society of Jïeiraska has moved in the right direction, y offeriag a prize of sixty dollars for the jcst live acres of planted forest trees, and hirty dollars for the second best ; but revention is nuch bctter than oure.


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