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- Tho London Times spmks of Miss Ncllio Grant as " thu lady of the bighost place LnAmerioa"; has somcthing to say about " royal personages now going freely on their travols" and "orowned heads no longor staying at homo " ; suggesfcs " that the arrival of tbis ludy in country, and especially at this oonjunotnre in tho relations of tho two States, is au oocurrrenoe wortliy of reiloction " ; and adds : " Misa Grant will naturally enjoy tho advantages attached to hor position, and she will bc ablo to carry back with hor to America a inoro than ordimuy amount of thnt information in whioh i; is said tho people of botli countries are, to their cominon detriment, so singular!)' duiïcient " ; and much moro of the same sort. " How is that for high 'i " - The domagogical lcgislation of Congress ;iving govonnnent employos ten hours' pay for eigbt hours' work ia producing early fruit all ovor tho country : in unreasonable demands and disorderly strikes, in whioh laborara willing to work are forced into reckless idloncss. If a man don't want to work but eight hours, all Eight, but then ho should accept pay for eight hom-s' work, and not atte:npt to coinpel other laborera to stop work because his unreasonablo demands are not complied with. - In the M. E. General Confercnco on Friday last, after considerable delay and no little crawfishing, tho Book Concern troubles were reforred to a special committee of one froni eaeh Conference. Hon John Owen, of Detroit, and John W. Storit), Esq., of Allegan, are the niombers reprnsenting tho Michigan Coníerouccs. A i'ull and iiupartial invostigation, rogardless of whoso head is hit, is what is absoldtely demaudcd. - At a conveiition held at Apollo Hall, New York, on Friday last, a convpntion of " white spirits and black, black spirits andgray" - and of all other shades of isras - Victoria C. Woodhull was noininated for President, and Fredk. Douglass for Vice-President. Vicky accepted imf'tfjiutehj OT atoncet. It is not yet certain that tho nomination will be ratified by the June 5th oonvention at Philadolphia. - Gov. Hoffman vetoed tho Congrespiinal apportiouiiiciit bill, but being an extremely p;irtisan measure it was passed over his veto : in the absence, howevur, of two Senators. The New York Constitution should require, like that of Michigan, a two-thirds vote of all the members elect to override a veto, and thon no advauiago could ba taken of absentees. - A. H. ïklorrison, a leading Republican of Berrien county, pledges an ' unconditional support" to tho platform of the Cincinnati convention, und his vote to tho nominoes, becauso Greuloy has done more than any other great man "for tho advanceiucnt of tho agriculturnl, commercial, nnd agriculturcil iuterests of tho United States." - Montgomery Blair has writton a bugbear letter touching the Cincinnati Convention and tho duly of tho ' racy to support Greeley and Brown. It will be found in anotlior column. The name of Blair appendod to any document is good renson for hesitatmg long beforo aocepting its advice. - Concerning Greoley the Ypsilanti Sent i nel says: "We have not had to waii. for his nominatiou toan office that reached oir suifrage to register an oath that we coukl seo him d - d bcforo ho could rec 'ivo out vote, and then ho could have ampie time to sink very doep boforo we would even re-consider tho subject." - The Ypsilanti Commercial says that " Greeley is by naturo a discontent, a soro-head. Ho never was satisiied with any noininatioii savo that of Hcnry Clay in 1S41." Woll, now lio is making up for lost time, by being excessively satisSed with his own. " Pleosed with a rattlp, Ticklcd wnb n :traw." - benator Morton clcnios tlo report that ho is intriguing to drive Grant frora the Prosidontial course, and declaros that ho is not a candidato. This dcnial and doclaratiou arereceived with manygrains of allowance by thoso whoknow Horton's proclivities for sayiug what ho don't inoan. - " A Liberal Anti-Grooley Rnpubliean" writes to tho N. Y. Evening Post suggesting the nomination fur President, by thy Democracy. of ex-Gov. liundolph, of Now Jersey. He says : "Even the Tribune has boen unstinted in its praiso of Gov. Kandulph's administmtion " - The Oongressional campaign in the Fourth district is thus early opening a lively fight botwoen tho friends of Hon. Chas. S. May and Capt. Burrows, both of ICalauiazoc. Gen. Stoughton aUo announees that " Barkis is wiliin' " to accept another term. - Judge Brinkorhoff, of Ohio, has so far recovcrod froin kis disgust at the result of the Cincinnati Oonvontion as to give out that " if tho Presidential contest is narrowed down to Grant and Greeley, he shall support Greeley as tho least of two evils." - It is now out that Frank BI air and Gratz Brown wero the marplotá of tho Cincinnati Convontion. Thcy were jealou&of Schurz, and sought to kill liiin ly klling bis candidato. Tho Blairs aro marplots of overything with whioh they uieddle. - Wilkcs, of tuo New York Spirit of the Timen, don't care a continental whether tUo Demócrata noiuiuate Greeley or not. Ho propoaea to put him through anyhow, and tears that aftor the 9th day of July he will be tho only candidato in tho field. - If tho Democracy shall come up cheerfully and heartily to the support of Qreuley it will be vory near to a fulfillment of tho' prophecy about the liou and tho lanib lying dowa together, aud almost a forerunner of tho millonnium. - Train says that the Froe-Tradurs triumphed in tho Cincinnati Convention. This is liow ho puts it : " Tho words specie paymint rnoan free tmde. Old Grooley don't know that this specie paymont iilcct wmpletely nullifie; liis jn-otectiou editorniLs." - The London Standard goos for Presdont Grant right lively, obarging hiin with " nopotism, jobbjry, and improper ise of tho military in tho adimnistration of civil affaírs." ' - John Morrissíy, remombering the Scriptural injunction, "Lut whosoovor hall smito thee on thy right check, turn o him tho othor also," has declaired for fraeley. - The office of the Goneva (N. Y.) Gazcttc, S. II. Parker, propiiotor, wrs BRted on the night of tho 12th uit. Loss, $10,000 ; insuranco $2,400, - Butler has boen olectod a delégate ; to Philadelphia, and faostmoted to voto for Grant. Ho vv:is sent. to Charloston iii 1860, instruoted to voto for Douglass, and voted r times for Jelf. Pavis. - A largo number of Stalo journals have. forgotten tho law probibiting the advertising of lotteries ; und ftlso that othor law iiimed at cortaba medical advertisements. - It is now doniod that Gov. Walkor, of Virginia, haa transferred tho Conservativos of that Htato budily to Groeley aad Brown. He saya ho wns not authorizud to do so. - Ia tho Sonate, oa Monday, Mr. Trumbnll brauded Sumner s latest civil rights bilí as " a bilí for tho establishment, not of civil rights, but of social equálity." - Giddings, of Texas, finally admittod to hi soat ia tho Houso on Monday, vke Clark given tho certifícate of olection by Gov. Davis. Tardy juátice. - -Tho Muicantilo Library readi&g rooms, Now York, wore O]onod to the public on Suuday last, with about onefifth tho usual attondanoo. - Since 1793 sixtcen theaters or other places of amusement have boen destroytd by firo iu New York City. - Brothcr-iii-law Casey has at last rosigacd : report says by requost. lx THE Connecticut Legislature, on Tuesday, Hou. O. S. PEBBT, present U. S. Senator, was ro-olocted in joint convuntion, receiving 133 votes, and' Gun. HaWXBT, tho Ropublican caucus candidiitt!, Ï2fl. Tho vote of Feury may ba nnalyzed, Democrats, 116; Ropublicans, 17. Mr. Fekky has uot, for a long time, been in ful! syinpathy with tho ultra majoiity in tho Senuto, and bis votes for amnesty, in favor of investigation, etc, have rendered him obnoxious to the Radical leaders, who had decrocd bis downfall. His re-cloction is a Liberal triunipb.. The Adrián 7'imes doliboratoly and with malicc aforethought expresses au opinión that tho gubernatorial " contest is virtually brought dowu to Gov. Bald■win and Auditor General Humpiirey," and inti mates 'that Col. Stockbridge is no longer tho candidato of any ono save our friond Dox Hendersox, of tho Allo gun Journal. We look to seo the Journal give the Timean eye-opener. A Nebuaska oditor, who seems to havo Geeelky on the brain, Iets off this squib : "As farmer and editor, Horace Grki:i.i:y understands aliko the stock pen and the stool pon - and tho pen is mightier than the sword."


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