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Who Killed Amnesty?

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The attempt to pass a liberal amuesty bilí was iigain defoated in tho Senate yeaterday by tho same tactios wbiofa have been used so effectually and 80 adroitly bofore. Tho bill underconsi'leration was the last one paesed by the House of lïopresentatives, and it excepted froin its provisions only the aruiy otiïeers and rnombors of Congress who resignod to take an j activo part iu tho rebellioa. Thore is no doubt that the bill would havo recoived tho votes of two-thirds of tho Senators if thoy could havo voted upon the quostiou unconneoted with any other. So the Senatorial ring, which assumes authority to spea't for tho admiriistrution while doijing all its reeomimmdations, put in opcratiou tho SfUBS taotios which have boen tuef-ul to them throughout. They defeatad aniuesty, but thc:y feümd iu tho main purpose of theic trick, to put tho rospousibility up m the opposition. The debatts bogan upoii the motion of Mr. Sumner to taok bis civil righta bill to tho aiiinesty bill as an amendment As the previous quC3tion is uaknown iu tbe Sonate, tho po'.troons who" dure not voto sijuarely against galatary raeasurus have the power to dflfeat theui by loading thora with irrelevant and impopular amendmmts. Tho wi'll-traimjd poHti cians who have suppres-iod ovury reform rocomuiondod by President Grant of coursu supportod Mr. Huniner's aincni mout, knowing vory well tbat its uncor stitutional and useless provisions wou] djfeat tbo bill. Xha ainondmcnt liavin be3n adopted, tho iïrst votu taken was un on the motion of Mr. Trumbull to strik o ífc tho civil rights bill. Horo was tb. tjst, lor had this uit-tiou pr.;v.iiloJ. the or iginal bill would have been pasied. Tho ring raUiod unanimouslj' agaiust the motion. Their aameR aro Amos, of Maine, represonting Mississippi ; OaldwelL o K -ü-iis, elcctcd to the United 3tatea Sonutu by bribery, according Iu the report of the legislature; Camorou und Chttndler, whoiu r putationiiieed no remark ; Cluyt u, of Arkausns, whoge right to hia isdoubtful; Conkling, Bdmanda, Hitalin, llowc, ilortou and Bbermuu, who OjÜovo that tin; party is sap apior to the bü mtry; Flansgan, whu i:. edfraid af Iojiug puwci in ïos'K ; tíübdrt na Osborn, of New Jersey atnd is'ow York, wlio misBepreaeirt Ploridu; Poméioy mi I Qarlán, wao-i: Land speculatioui are wall known ; Kellogg, Casoy s oarpet-bgger, nowt'rom aUiana, aml Bpanoor, of Alabama, who speoul.t'e.s iu the fedeiM oLEioe8 on a roving cuinmission ivta any State whioh will adopt him Wfaat do such men care about tiio uuoonstitutionality of imy nioasinu 'r Wluit ñf they care ubout the peace or proaperity of tho country? Thoy OM) usually be counted upon to support any sl!h;ii:: whioh puts nioiiüy into the pooketa of the monopolista and promotes tho disciplino of thu party, ruckless of its cost to tho people. Lacking tho courage opeiily to oppose just measuieá, they take advimtago of tho courtesy by whioh tlio Sonate is guvurned, to iiu jthor them, and it is to be regrettod that in this caso tboy were sustained by a fow honost and sincero Senators. Tho country shoull rementbej the men who i)r;xctice tliis sort of bushwhacking waif-iro aguiust roforms. Wiiilo profi'ss.'ug to uphold the President, they havo spit upon liis tedommendatioae ; while profesamg to love justice lid to favor reform, they havo prevented all progrossivo legislation ; whilo loudly proolaiming their right to represent the Republicau party, they have porvertod its purpose and transformad tho organizadon iiito a mere partisan machine. They bave perhaps served a good purposu, for nothing has done sü miuli to iestroy the power of the ciucus, aud to drive the people froui the support of the political rings, as tho inanipulations by which the United States Sonate lias boon prostituted to the ambilious and ïi'oody purposes of thö ruling cabul. -


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