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Ni:w YoitK, Muy 14 i Money flu'jtuntes betwcen 5 and 7 per cent. for cali loans, hut tho teBdency II to fiad the lower level Lariikt uniounts of currcucy in paymeuta of earIT Spring' pnrohwea are tljwiny hlther, and nuless rwhich s niicxpcctnilj íhe e tapies take an npward turn. so es to induce speeulation. it is vcry likely the market will eek relief ia iuveatin.'nLs at the Wort, whcre tlic Interest rate s etill queted hij;h. Uold opened ai 113 and advanced to 114, on ac;ouut of IfMblagtoB ruinar ngUdlni the tri aOurcattle marke's have been very active the pust weeli : good st ck rangua ut 11 #lïc, „ud prime au to 13o. Saturad snoep sell at S.' Tac. a:id wooled at 9ih)10ic. Thohog market. after oonsUerab ie deprea ion, ü (ciu!y. Salea at 4', .■.' ■■ 'Ihe ment notable cbaoge is in the dry gooda, the market lor which lias bean exceedingly inactivo, anddoaea witli uearly all the lundiii fahrics r. duced. There is aluiost Duthlng doiü iu pfcjjs Prtnta have been reduced to li]y. vcry uaiformlj. Plonrladnll andbeyy,and wheat evldeatly uu the verge of nd.-cllne. Sales or white by sample bare been made t ■_ ■joS4.23, bat there are few linyera Corn is Iess aciive : quotid at .Mlch. oats,5l)iiG2. Mess pork. .:.5J; Ki-ule lard duliat '.''je N-iv, 11'. -lic. Kow westurn bottur, ÍS lolc ; o!d do. HX&ÏUc. n;TnoiT, Miiy 15 The firwt rüh of lal:e shipments belng over, busi rat ia !;; (owii to ütcudincüs. The peculiar tatú ol tbe leadMj; tilea and pródncta is uot neb to Indnca fpcculativa pnrctiüef. lidien ihe tal sarruii, niind-tu-muiit)ichrHctor. Evt-n liardware U ni,i wltboul il eunptoms of weaknes. Naüo ooMInnc os tbe 16,60 bad, but tlwre is a Do'i ''M'.' iu t'r.' '.vüttnirtio-s of ..[,:l8 to ecll. The d.-y Kixxle trade is alinast at taadiull, as Itolght, blnce the April and Way bnabÚM was done Ln Feljruary and Alarcli, and pii;es aru with. out doabt overatrainyd. Uasved ollt&nus upwfi ud turpeutine soems to be racti:i Iroa tbe iluline-s of a week Bao . The lead&g branda ol w;ii:e icnd me bun redueed ',e per lb. Plotir firmed up to St010.5 for choico to paetry grades a few daya a;.), but buyerif are very cautioua. Abeátappeara to havepaawd the tuiuiu.,' poinl Th-.: )ii„' ..esi prije w.i.1 on Hm Ulh, vvheiv 1 "o!d it s J.1S aiul Exlr.i at $1 -u. It declloed IrameOiatély aftcr, and all dnj of im uthjud p art ofioil.iy the markei ;is pauiCMtrlulcB. At the close there was a tli-ht ï-uacti m (Hs..'cj aiut the loilowln were the Utoat finares i Extra, .i.l; No. 1 Wftlto, Y-'.c5," rreadwall,2.(M: ora uetdeoiineol S12cnybU iu 4thpHrJ. It muy be tl.alaetill Forther reacUdn will take place, and that theperraanent lecliue has uot yet come; bata decliné li t 'un expacted J evoij une, and whitüer il bu thie or noztwcek, coElldeuce is at last broken- the specülative babbMla banted - inii lt may be consiilred impoísiblü for priesa lo aain reach th'.-fr late altltoue. Corn h;is deeiTnetV 3c. an-1 oat le Ín 9 days- the Darme) is SS and the latter' 47e per bu. tíutter (new) a steady al 23W-'5c ; oíd dull m sii.-ic E-as, vy, wi-ic, with a ll-jht vxport ilemaud. Totatoes rule dull- prachblowaai SJc iu car loada, and mixed at ti0y.70c. Seed ia inactivo - clover, $5.'.'.' tlmotby, $2.753.O0 per bu. Tallow ie flrm al Se for bble ud 8,Tiy for cnkea. Ann Aui'.nu, THOB8DAT, ilay ICth.'TJ. Ari'iKs- Urt-eu, 80 90c Der bu. Uried, ö(a,0e pi Ib. IJeeí1- Brir:gs 7a.Sc. 13OLTK1) JltVI,- $2.00. B l'nces remain at 18@20c. 15E.INS- $i.;5poi bu. istiaid gúotfqualityi Cokn- iírings ,fj."i aó.v peí bu. f'HicKENs- Drened I2;e. Eggs- Coiamand HXaílle. Floük- xxx. .5.0ü per Lwt. Hay- }13Ol'i per ton, aecordins; to quality. B nEr- liicnp, lSitü.v. Ijakd -'J'lie uiarket stíuidant 7 Sr. Mai'Le Booab- 13i i?c. OAld- 35.í37c. Ï'OTATOKÏ - SIO.?95O. Tuhíc::y8- 1 le. Whkjkt- The mnrket isquiet. White we qnokln ■ "i; amber, l.S5.J.í)0; red ?1.74(4il..


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