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Rag Carpets

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Most housekeepers soein to think it th height of eoonomy and good manage ment to convert their worn-out and cast Off clothing into good, substantial carpet ing, Sornetimes it is ; but we have known Bomo of thsso gaily stripod rag c.irpets to be rary expensive affairs. Frequent l articles are but into carpet rags whio] could bo worn ruuch longer, or made ovo far the little ones. For instanco, Mad am, tlii8 oïd pair of pantaloons patchci in tho seat and worn through at tho knees, if turnnd, will be i'ound to looi liki; ncw on the wrong side; and a skir for your littlo six-years-old girl can be made of it. You will find the goree bread ths can be cut nicely f rom it. Tri in with bands of bluo or searlet flannol oa both edges and stitched on with the machine, and it will be prettier warmer, and more durable than the feit skirts, costing froni $1.50 to $2. It is alinost always tho caso that aftor the carpet is fairly off to the weaver's ner" lÜDors, xña inonrcír soifl(r'p"aTnítn.1T olor or stripe must be had to finish it Then various articles now in uso must bp sacrifleed, and the " gude man " is compelled to sleep with his last pair of unmentionables under his pillow for feto he will awaken in tho morning and iindthat that insatiable rag carpet has absorbed even them. Sometimos tho good housewife, in hor ambitious attempts to make a carpet whose brilliant hues shall outrival all lier neighbors, buys yards of gay calicó and flannel to tear into carpet rags. In such caaes the actual cost of the carpet is about tho same as English body Brussels. Tbreons with any tondency to pulmoliary difficulties should nover work at tearing carpet rags. A dear friend of ours, after breathing the poisonous dust arising from the tearing of colored rags, died of quiok oonsumption. A vory cxpensive carpet, that, to her husband and little children. But where the rags could not be better employed, it is tar preferable to have rag carpets than tho bare, dosolate-lookiug floors we find in so raany farmers' houses, and which cause ?o many hours of mopping and scrubbing to koop clean. And when your new carpet is taoked down, don't forget, from tho balls tbat AN-left, to crochet rugs to lay over the parts most liable to wear, tftus makincr


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