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Walking briskly, with nn cxcitirig object of plcasant interest ahead, is the most healthfvi] all forms of exercise, except that of eucouragingly remunerativo, stsady labor in tho open air ; and yet multitudes in the city, whoso health urgontly requires exercise, seldom walk when they can ride, if the distance is a mik' or more. It is worse in the country, especially with the well-to-do ; a horse Or can-iage must bo brought to tho door even if less distance has to be passed. Under the stmditioas lirst nanicd, walking is a bli?s; it gives animation to the mind, ■siviües the circuiatiun, it paints the cheek and sparkles the eye, and wakos up the wholo being, physical, mental and moral. We know a family of childron in this city who, from the age of seven, had to valk nearly two miles to school, winter and summer ; whether sleet, or storm, or rain, or burning sun, they mado it an ambition never to stay away from school on account of the T.'eathor, and never to ba Mnte" on any account ; and ono of thom was heard to boast thut in sevon years it had never been necessary to give an "excuse" for being one minute lielund tho timo, even although in winter it was necessary to dress by gaslighi. Theydid nni average two days' siekness in a year, and" later thoy thought nothing of walking twelve miles at a timo in tho Suis? mountains. Sometimes they would be caught in drenohing rains, and wet to the skin ; on suoh occasions they mado it a point to do one thing - let it rain - and trudged on more vigorously until everv threud was dry before they reached hoiae. There is no moro unrriedicinal remody known to men of more valuo in tho prevention of constipation than a few miles joyous walking ; let one follow it up a voek - a walk af two or tliroe milos in the forcnoo, and as much in the ftfternoon - and, except ing rare casos, when a longer coutinuance may be made, the result will bo triumjihuut ; and yet nine persons out of ten woulii rottier pay a dollar a bottle for soiuo nauseous drops or joisonous pills than take tho troublo to yut in practico tho ntitural remedy oí walking. Nor is there an anodyne among all the drugs in the world which is the hundrcdth part so efficaoiout, in eacuring refreshing, hcalthful, dclicious, gloriou8 sloep as a judicious walk. - llall's Journal of Health A young theological student at Harvard invited a young lady ia Boston to attcnd a concert, to which ho received 'ie folio win g reply: "If you como asa '■porary supply, I must decline the in■ntat;on? as I am only hearing regular andicUtQs,"


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