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Hydrophobia--how It May Be Cured

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A correspondent of the Detroit Tribune givos an account of tho treatiuent pursuedin the rocont casiTof hydrophobia at Flint, Michigan. TIn; subject of so niucli discussion, Mr. Burt Truc, was bit by u rabid dog lust May. Tfie dog had bitten him in tbc center of the right hand. Bein; in the country at the time, it was some twelve hours bofore he reaohed a surgeon, who cautorizud the wound with nitric silver. The wound healëd and remaincd so until it becaine irritable and broke out again. Soon tho first marked symptoms of hydroph:l)ia showed theni selves, convulsiona, " barking liko a dog,' frothing at the moutk and making Btrenuous exertions to bito everything that carne year. Daring the 0onTUÍ8ÍOHÍ the patiënt would seizo the pillows trom his bed in his teeth and shako and rond tbcm with all the furooity of an angry i i. An intense dread of water also exliil ited itself, the sight of wliich thr;w him iato tho most terrible convulsiona, at these times rcquiring the unitcd strength of five mon to keoj) him under subjeotion; in fact, every symptom of hydrophobia made itself conspiouous. The patiënt was attacked on Friday evening, January 19th. On Saturday evening his physician, Dr. Axford, reached him, and at onco was convincod of the terrible nature of tho diaease. Having had a similar caso seven or eight year3 ago, whero the pationt recovered undor his treatment, and has remained weli ever since, after Consulting the physician present, Dr. McOall, it was decided to place the patiënt under the same treatment which had been succossful in the forinev oase, whic)i for the aid it may be to others who Buffer trom the same disease, we hcre give as follows : The injection nnder tho Bkin of largo doses of morphine, and the administration of largo doses of castor, which is a powerful anti-spasmodic. About one grain of morphino was injected under the skin once in ibur liourti, and half a druchin of the powdered castor, mixed with syrup, given intornully. The effect wan to produce sleep in about half an hoor, wbich lasted about an hour and a half, when the convulsión s returnod at intorvals of an hour to an hour ;iml a half until 9 o'clock on Sunday raorning, when the last convulsiona oceurred, after whioh ho sufF(red scvorely from obstinate vomiting until Monday miimiug at 10 o'clock, when that also ceased, leaving the patiënt comparativoly easy, but very much prostrated. Sinco that time he has gradually iraproved, and now is to all appearances quite well. In addition to tho above treatment, small qunntities of chloroform were inhalod at time?, and on Sunday morning the patiënt was wrapped in woolen blankots wrung out of a warm solution of muriato of ammoniii. Tliis was tho tratment which checkod the fearful malady, and which, tor the sako of humanity, Dr. Axford is anxious should be puhlished to the world and thoroughly tested.


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