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Paper Car Wheels

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The National Car Duilder thus describes paper car wheels, tho material of which is straw-board, in all respects the sanie as that nscd ia tho inanut'uoturo of paper boxes, and inade of wheat, rye, or oat straw. The tire is of stool, aiKt, when turncd up ready for tho fillingo is made taper inside, bo that the inside diameter on the ttanjge is ouo-eighth ot' an inch smaller thau the other. The body of the whoel is a paper block made of straw-board, cut in eirclos thirty inchee in diameter, posted togethcr witli ordlnary paste, and Consolidated under a hydraulio presssure of about threc hundred tons. The block after being dried slowly for nearly two i 'ks is tunied in u common pattern lathe. The turning tooi is like that uscd for iron, but the speed is about the same as is used for brass. This block, thus turnud to iit tho tirb, is of course soraowhat larger in order to insure a perfect fiimdreci íons'isthen ubpiÍ to'force 'the block into its placo. The tiro is heated Tioarly to tho boiling point of water, thus insuring a perfect bearing when cool. When the paper block is in the lutho, a Buitable hole for a cast-iron hub is borod through tiie coutor. The hub has a wido flange upon ono end. Covering tho whole of each side of tha wheel are two side platea of Norway iron boiler plate, which fit against a shouldcr turned in the tire. The hub is forced in after these platos are in place the ttange on its outer end, of course, holding the outside plato firmly in its place. Sixteen bolts in tho outer edge of the plates run directly through the papor and hold everything Fast ; eight bolts go through the flange of the hub, securing the whole, and making tho wheel, so far as its interior is concerned, water proof. The paper itself is painted before it goes into the wheel, aud is perfoetly secure against dampness, ev en if the wheel were not water-tight.


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