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Corn Sown For Fodder

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The Cottninj Gentleman has the following in answer to the inquiry of a correspondent as to the beat timo for sowing corn for fodder : Any time in the Northern States between the middle of llay and the middle i of July. Those who uae it for early soiling muy sow it as early as the weather and soil will allow, oarly in May, and if small early corn is sown quite thickly, say three bushels to the aero, it will give a heavy erop of fine fódder on good ground by the time of common wheat harvest. But if intonded only forautumn BOÜing or for winter fodder, it need not be sown earlier thnn the raiddle of June, and a largor variety of corn will do better. But nevor sow less than two or two and a half bushels of seod to the aero. If tho ground is poor, the erop will be greatly increased by inanuring. Coarso manure may be used to good advantago on corn fodder. Plow two-horse furrows about throo feet apart, fill them half full of manure by throwing with a fovk from tlu; oart or wagon, then strew the corn along from a half bushei basket on the left arm, at the rate of about three bushols per acre, and then harrow the whole engthwise with the furrowg. The harow will break up the manuro and mix ; with the soil, and tho scud will bo mixxl with both - it may bo seattered somo, ut more fodder will grow on a wide than n a narrcv furrow, and if a few grains aro left uncovered, thero wili still be enough for a good erop. If the owner happens to havo a smoothing harrow, he may harrow the wholo surfaco beforo the corn is up, nnd two or three times afterwards ; and this operation, togethei with tho shading of the erop, will loavo the surface as olean and smooth as a floor after the erop is harvested. It should not bo overlooked by those not familiar with this mode of raising foddor, that two or threo times as ranoh dry foddur may. thus be obtained from [and as from good meadow ; that cattle ivill ent the whole, stalkg and all ; and that the st&lks will bo suro to heat nnd spoil with tho novice tho first year and ilierofore begin moderatcly.


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