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A Ship Attacked By A Whale

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An unusuul, itlthough by no inuuns uujrecedented occunence, says au Australan paper, is reported by Captain Ijocker of the bark King Oscar. His account E it is as follows : The bark sailed froin [obart Town on thu 13th uit., and on ao löth, wheu tliirty miles to tbc eastvard, off Cape Ilowe, sighted a largo perm whale, distant about .'JOo yards, 'and jroceedcd in the gaine direotiou. The nonster fish remained in oompany somo onsiderablo tiiuc - tour days, it is said - ■ and finally it was seen to lift its head out of water and uiake a furious dash at the vessel, strikiug lr with tremeudous foroo and careening her over several streaks. ïhose who feit tho shock compare it to the striking of a vessel on a roek. Tho pumps were at once soundod, but at first it was supposed that no material damage vras done ; subsequent BOundings showed, however, that the bark was making water at the rate of six inch t ■ -ii hour, and this she oontinucd to do up to the dato of arrival. A Yankee was nairatiug some of tho war sights ho had seen to a orowd of astonished üermans, and among the rst ho said, " Why, when I was in Mexico under Scott, I saw a hall largor than this huuse." This was too much for the credulity of the Gormans, and one of them said, " Dunder und blitmen ! vore vould dey got do cunnon to fire it off V" " Dunno," replied tho imperturbable Yankee, " but I saw it." " Vat kind of ball vas it ? " " Oh, a ball given by the general in Mexico to celébrate the victory."


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