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uBüir.BD jj'LOUK iJEEAD- X havo had nonrly eight yoars' exporioiioo in ninkiug unbolted ilour bread, aud having used it almost oxclusivoly in my famiiy, I bei lieve it to b( tho most dclicio'us and wholcsomo bread in use. Tho unbolted bread which I consider so wholesuuio is unlcavoned bread, gi'nerally ■ kuowu by tho namo of " geins." It is made perfeotly light without formen tation. Tho following is thd reoipo : hitir together unbulted flour aud cold water, or two-thinls water and one third swoüt milk or cromn, to about thu ronsistenoy of cup cako batter. Baleo a a hot oven fiíte3n to twenty minutes, in email pans, not 'arger than two and a half inehes square, 'ind one inoh doop. If larger pans aro imed ího bread will bo heavy ; ii' mtich smaller, t will bo dry and hard. Öaat iron gom pans can be prooured at almoet any tüi or siovo store. TIkj pans sliuuld first bo heiited hot, and thea well groased ; now fill even full, and lake until tho (,'oms are of a light brown. Thoy will th □ be as light and porous as sponge cake, und muuli moro wholuüOuiü than ferinented bread. Fermented bread or biseuit mado with yeaat can bo mude with anbolted flour m light as with bolted iiour, and is much moro wholesome. This, howover, in not t, bo compared with the ubovc aufermentod bicd called geias. - Cor. Ciiiciunn'i GazMe. POTATO Salad. - Any onn who has eatcn potato salad at a Parisian hotol will bo glad to try it at'tor he gots homo. The following is a good formula for tho simple but delioious pioparahon : Cut ten or twelvo cold builed potatoos into alioes from a quarter to half an inch thick ; put into a salad bowl with tour tablospoonfuls of turragon, or plain viuegar, six tablespooní'ulá ot' boit salad oil, oio teaspoonful of luiiieed parsley, and pepper and salt to tasto ; stir well, that all will bo thoroughly mixed. It shoukl bo made two or throe hours beforo needed 'on tiiü tublo. Auchovies, olivos, or a:iy pioklea may bo added to this salad, as a!so bit? of cold beof, chicken or turkey, it' ddeired ; but it ii eioellent without these. CiiACKEK Pies.- RolUix crackers lino and put tiiem iu a four quart pail or Lottle, pour over three-fourths oi' a pint oí a pint of vinegar, two cups of molasses, and a cup of boiling watt-r. Boil on tho stovo half au hour, adding moro water, ii' uecossiii y, to in:ike quite thiu. Add salt, raisins, and all kinds of sij.!, and . short orust for four pies. Bako about twenty minutes, or until the orust is done. A little soffar may bu nddud bofore tho top crust is put on. Oraiiam Shokxcake, - Two cup? of giaham uieal, pae cup of flour, and milk tor mixingi For ono oüp of milk, one tuuspoonl'ul oream oi' tartar, oae-half ■ - spoonful of soda, two t.iblospoonfuls of butter and Balt. Do not kuead it, but mix about as hard as you wouid bcforo knoadiug. .


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