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The Mont Cenis Tunnel

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iüis groat vfoïk ha ho iutorest of the wholo civiliz-id world, simply usagrc;!t engineering feat. Tho porfortiou oí a inountain oirht milos wido. ing twelve years to complete, is eert u iiiustcr pioen ot' engineering talent ; but it is not uieroly on this account that wc notico it, but tui' ií importunad as furïishing tbo ouly link wanting in tlio chain öf coimuunication botwoou Eng and and lier East Indian possessions. B y ueans of this tunnel a continuous and uubroken lini; of railway :iov oxteuds 'rom Calais, on the ling'lish Chanuol to the port of Briudisi, in the soutb. of Italy - a distance of 1,000 miles. The latter port has already becomo tho principal point of departure and arrival of the steamáhips via tho Suez Canal, and a glauco at tho columns of tho London 'rimen will show the immense uuinber of first-closa steauishipa already engaged in this trade. This route is not uxclusivoly used tor tho trausportation of passengors, but a considerable quamity of valuable fieight is also transported by it. Sevoral lines ui Engliah steameiS leave Ljndon and Liverpool for Calcutta, Australia, and China with froight, and stop at Brindisi for pasnongers; and in the sume way, on their return, leavo Ualcutta and other oastem ports with froight and passeugers, stopping at Briiidisi, whero tho pasaengers tako cars for Sngland. By this arrangement nearly 3,UU0 railes of sea voyage is avoidod, souie sove'.i or (üght days timo savod, besidos the additional advantage of seeing many interesting spots ou the route. Thia route will hj doubt be a formidable competitor with our Pacific railroads for tho Euglish East India, or rather Japanese and Chinese passenger and freight trafïie. At present, the running timo to China and Japan is slightly in favor of the American route, but th proposod railway froru a port on the Mediterranean to tho Caspian Sea, through the valley of the Euphrates, wil] still further rciducu the time by the Euro poun route. On tüe other hand the com - pietion of tho Northern Pacific Railroad will roduoo tho time by the Aiuerioan route. The next fivo yoars will probably determine deflnitely as to which route will be the quiokest, cheapest and most attractive.


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