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An Aged Beau Rebuked

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- Our ister :it Üio Germán Court. m Berlín, Mr. Banoroft, is a good horseman; andnext to thut aooomphahuient, ís fond f ilii táag. This sprightly youth of T2 really thinite no dauisel can rcsist his fascinations. A good story is told oi' bis weakoess on tiio subji Ho was pvomenading ono cvoning on tho voruudah of the Oaean ïlouse, at Niwpoit, with a New York helle, no out ot' her toons. Jn tho course ot' tho oonvorn.tioii shu adiirost-icd hor cotnpiiu ion as " Mr. Briucroft." ' N'ow, really, my daar Miss C , sttid thu ancieiit beau, uyon üiustnot cal ine that, - c;ill mu Qeorgo." A t'ow minutes after, thoy roturncd t the drawiiíg-rooni and niiiiglüd with th throng, when, to tho amazojiient and hor ror of our Ambassador, tlio mischieveous girl oxclaimed, loud euough for tho whole company to hear : " Ooorge, I have ilroppod my glove ; ple88 go and look for it." Branoroft wont, but did not roturu.


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