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A oompleto filo of the London Timet is quoted at L13,000 sterling, und would bring doublé that prico if it were demandod. This is a small sam oompared witb. Auiorioun priceti. A complete ülo oí' any important jourual beara a valuó which ia hardly to bo computad in mouey. Henee the iiuportanoe of keeping oíd papen. Thirty-three yoara ago thu llcrald started. Had any ono laid up o íuw copies of each. Í86uo, ho would of had a rieb. reward. A complete filo of thut papsr would cost, with interost at compound rato, $800. H would uow bring $5,000. The sum of % 2,500 was leoently votod by tho Comuion Ooungil of that oity for tiio purposo of purchasing a set which oommenoed wit'i ÍK 12, and which, of courao, was üefluient in tho iirst Beven voluiucs. Tho librarían in tho City Hall informed mo that tiioy wore irequcntly consulted, and alsj said they eould be sold at a large advance. The ouiy complete files of tho Herald, ofwhioh I havo uny knowledgp, aro thüs.j in Dcnnott's own hands, and theae are kupt fiom tho publiu oye. Another complot!! tile was in the hands of the paper merchiints, Poars & Brooka, who snpplied him with material, but this was lost whon their warehouse wus burncd soveral years ago. ïhere aro statements in tho early issues of tho Herald which can light upon important questions no w ubout to bo brought into the courts. Lawyershave groneto the BeraM establishment and solicited the privilego of a referenoe, but tho reply is unchanged in eharactor. Ono man foolishly spoko of legal compulsión, aud waapoHtoly told to "tryit." Tho only way for thoso who witih topoasesa suob. arohivea is to subscribe for tho papen, and to keep the filo inbroicon until timo gives it valuo. Having ceferred to the London Times, X will ttdd that it wasoommenced ia 1789, the sumo yeir thut tho Monüsur wasstarted iu Piiris, and 1 th .havo retainod thuir positioiis as tho leiding paper of Engtand and Piuue, until they aro now upward of four score yoars old. Files of thj MoniU ■;■ are not so acareo and costly as that of the Times. I think the reasou of this is that tho latter was conimenced duruig th Prench rovolution, and people ware anxious to prosërro a record of thüjo ezoiting ume...


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