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The Germans And Greeley

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From the Omciimnti Volksfreuml, Duin. Wc do nol, bolieve tbat the Demooratio Convention will indorae Qreeley and aocept him as thcir o&ndidate. It cannut do it vory well, for it won ld theroby indirectly declaru that tho Democratie party -froin the firstluul been thoroughly falso and orroneous in its principies, and it woukl thoreby aak of tlie Demoorats to lay this disgraceful oonfeseion at the fe ;- of tho man, on the lth of' November, -who throughout hÍ8 wholo Life had Bpeut all bis onorgy aiul talent in trying to prove tho falsity of the Demooratio teachioga, ïfo conventiaa oan induce the ma jority of tho Dcmoerats to h amble tbi mselves in so dishonorable a manuur, mnch loss as tho Democratie press has for twenty yoars placed bef ore tho cyes of its maden the inveoucilable eontradiotion whioh exista betwen honoring and dishonoring tho Gonatitution, betwqen protectivo tarifï and free trade, and betweon political fanatieism nud the policy of principlo. Tlio adoption of Qreeley in the Bultimoro Cbnvention would dostroy the Democratie party : for tho literal and and fundamental Demócrata would ronounoo tho party so soon. os tho sumo would deny its fundamental principios, and givo itself a blow. In this caso, f there wero no third candidato, not forty percent, of tliu Demócrata would gq for Greeley ; a numbor them, in thcir rage, and for the purpose of punióhing the leaders, would vote for Grant, bui the part would take no part in tho election whatevor. Should the Bultimore Oonvontion adjourn without indorsing Greeley ot nominating another ticket, tho disstmsion in the Democratie party would not beoome so public ; many wouïd say thal they, as citizons, oould chooso the least of two evils and voto for Grant, which, as Domocrats, they could not do nader any considemtion ; bnt cvou thentho Democratie party woulil have reached the end of its axistënoe. Those politioians who cliinb upon Greeley, and who desire new chancea for their carriers, need uot think tliat the organization, as such, c;m be made effioacious for Greoloy. On tho oontrary, by trying to forco tho party to support ono of its most iriv ucilablo enemies, who was nominatcl in most scanJaloua, and, to tho Domocracy, offensHve maniior, tho party organizatirm will bo disrupted. Thosa oitizens who tiike an interest in party life from prinoipje, and not beoause of ambition or lovo of office, bocomo disgustad with Groeley by reason of lus pressing ondeavore to secure the nominatioQ, and with the party which allowsitself tobe pushed and knooked about in this manner. They would, as boforo remarked, if no other chanco nffbred itsülf, as citixens, and not as partisans, voto for Greeley, or, more probably, work for a third candidato without oonaidering tho prospoots of suceess, and thus load on the formation of a new party. From tho St, Louis Annigar les Weslens. We assevt, and no one will daré to contradicfc it, that if tho Baltimore Convention adopt th3 Liberal Bepublican platform, with the insevtion of an anti-Proteotion plank, and then nomínate liberalntinded, Bkillful atatestnen, not only will the wholo Gorman Democratie pross, j without any exeepüon,. and tho majoritj ' of the Láberíil Gorman Bepublican papers .u the candidatos of tho Bbltimon Convention, but an overwhelming mnjority of Gorman votes in all the States will bo thrown for them. Peoplo are tryilig to mako tho nntive .mericsns beliove that the chiflf reason why the Germana are ao strongly opposing Mr. Groeley is owing to his advooacy of temperance. But this is well known not tobe he oase. The Germana wero unaniinously in favor of Mr. Adaras, without oven quogtioning his opiniona ai to soiial and röligious matten. The opposition of thoGermansto Greeley springs trom tho highest motives of American patriotism. It is founded upon the con viction that Greeley 's well-known persotious, is not tho charactor to put any e ujion tho corrupt and intrigoing politioians, many of whom aro foano amone his most intímate and influential friende and advisers ; fiuully, that he, as a rabid protectionist, asoriginator of tho Ku-Klux laws, and as a supporter of centralization, is in open conflict with tho principies of tbc Liberal party ; which principies, should lio bo elocted, he must either uttoriy deny, or, through ambition, become untrue to his own convictions. From the Xew York-T Kt.-iata Zoituni?. Mr. Horn, the representativo of Wisconsin in the Democratie JCational Exeuutive Cotnmittee, and tho only Gorman in tho latter, has published a proposition in th? Amciger dés Wettens, to tho effect that all the representativos of the Germán presa, without distinction of party (excepting Grant's bread and butter brigade) and other Gonnans not bolonging to tho press, without distinction of party (exepting oiEeo-holders), shall meet in Baltimore a day beforo the assembliug of the convention, in order to give effect to the expression of tho united Germán press against the re-eloction of Grant, and lay the result beforo the convention. This proposition will undoubtedly bo oarried out, and it is to be hoped will suececd in iiiaintaining a united effort among the Germana But, whether this hopo is fuliilled or ïxot, this much remains certain, that the lond outory which certain corrupt politicians are making in order to cali tho attention of the American wirejiullers and in the hopes of forcing h" Germans to vote for Greeley, will all amount to nothing. The Germana, with BCarcely any exceptions whatever, nre leterminedly opxiosed to voting for Greoley. Nobody holds the Gorman voto in his pocket, and of this the American politicians will have an impressive proof at the forthcoming Presidential election.


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