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Whittier On Greeley

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Amksbury, lOth, 5th, mo., 1872. Edwin Morton, Ssq., Botton : Djkar Sm : Thy note of to-day is jnst recoivod. In roply to it I must premiso that I havo na intention, at this timo, of entering into tho question of tho Presidoncy, further than to sfty tliat tho recent complications of this question may be largely attributed to an attempt to forbid the right of ohoioeoí ooadidates to Kepublioans in advance of tho nominating convention, and to tho delibérate insult to tho friends of freedom in the fcroatmeni of Senator Bumner. As regacds ihe subject of thy inquiry, I have no hesitation in saying that I placo a very high estímate upon tho oharaoter, moral and ïutolleotual, of Horaee I ley. Ho is a man of whom his countryinen, irrespective of politics, may wcll bc proud. He has built Up in his sixry ycars a noble reputation. The poor attempta to ridiculo him and undurrato bis eminent ability at tho present time, oi the partofsomo of our BepabUoan , . iv: best answered by tho Balogimna bestowed upon him in tlieir own oolumne heretoforc.. lio can woll aftbitl to siaüc at the fcx.lJo srrows of sarcafjin which are expended on his " white great-coat," and fail to reach the man 'beaeath it '. rsonaüy hc i.t the most in the té. It M very possible thwe m:;v be fltood r.insons why be should not be President, luit. tliey are not tobcfouml ín lus moral oharaoter, his intellect, liis principies, his purpopos, his koowledge of tho iiitereats and resources of the country. I have no wish, as I have no reason, to . withholil ray good opinión of an old i, at a timo when so raany Republicans deesa it ;nlvisuble, as a party oxpodient, to assail him personally as well as )i)lit.ically. I am, vcry truly, thy friend, JOHN G. WIIITTIEK. It is reportod that the locusts havo apI in Bourbon County, iCentucky, by Ilion. The trees and ground aro literully ccivcrnd with them. They apon alter daylight. There are fears that they will do great damago to the fluit, otc.


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