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Voorhees "rises To Explain."

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Tho lato speech of Hon. IX W. VoonHEES, haviug been interpreted to mean tliat ho would support Graxt in certnin eontingoncies, he has written tlio following letter : Washington, D. C, May 17, 1872. Dkah Sin : Your favor is at band. The idea that I would ander any ciroumstatujes support Grant seoms too ridiculous forsorious considera tion. Tho statements to that effoct aro malioiously and absur.iiy falsa. The reoaon why I will not support Greelcy is that lio is no botter tliari Grant in any rospoot, and on somo points he is woree. This was my meamng when Bpeaking in tho House. No honest and mtelligent Demoorat can support eitlier Grai-t or Qreoley without abandoning his principios. Pile and v.(er can mingle mote eaaily and moro I istontly tlum I could beoome an adhornt of cithcr of thom. I sha.ll stand by uy sincere and life-long principie!. If I id othorwiso I would be a dishonest tan, unworthy of my respeot or tho repect of mybody elso. Ii' for' tliis cowrso . am to be condemned T am ontirsly con;ent. I would not t:l: any otlior for all ho honors the world has to givi I condently boliovo, howevor, that tho gpreat Nation:!Í Democratio party will not eoiniit a disgraoefnl snicide at Battimore on lic Oth of July. I beliove it will be 1 by principie and honor, and prelont caiufidatcs for whom the truo and tonest maasos of the Deraocrftcy can vote vith solf-respect. I shall labor to bring bout such a result ; othera aixi laboring nomínate Greeley, the inost ódious man o tho Democratie party in tho United tates. I am willing that the public nay judge between thom and mn and doennine who has boen truo to himsolf, to iis party and to his oonvictions. Yours truly, (Signed) L). W. VOOKIIEES.


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