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Atkinson "goes Back" On Greeley

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Bostox, May 13, 1872. To the Editor of t lam : I noto tlnit you inter from my letter tu Mr. W. H. Robinson tliat "I nnd good ui nnfor consolatiou" in tlio result of tho Cincinuuti Oonvontiou. It is not of muoh ponseijaenoe t any one but myself what my position is, but h'.st I shotlla be supposed to intuiid to support this nomination, I desire to s:iy thut it' I havo boon "au Immblo caiidlo of the Ijord in promoting the uoniination of Horaco Greolcy" tor President, l losiro to atono for my want of sagaiuty and nstutcness by opposin; his eleotion in erery possible way, and thut tlio only consolation I intendod lor tnyselfand my associates was to oxort what littlo powor wo may have to secura a Conross that would compel the general reïorna whioh we oansot believe iá promiged by the nominees of tho Cdiivcntion. 1 think tbc consolation I have found s liko that imputed to an old lady of my icquaintance, who always found somo compensation for cvery adverse result, i;i, on i no .h oasion, having been grievBaaty disappointed in a matter, gfie as usual consoled herself somowhat as I uu-u done ; wheroupdn a wwoy nieco said toluir: " Why, aunty, I boliovo if you ■went down to the lower regiuns, foxiv first remark would be, ' how glad i am that all theso poor peoplo can keep so warm.' " Let )no siiy now tliat thcrc may be an-jthor mothod of consolation. Tüe digappinntiiicn! in wide-spreitd and very doep that Charles Francia Adams is not the doolared as he was the tvue nominee of the Cinöinnati Convention, and [ hope that mensures may be taken speodily for i . itiitss meeting t the oapit! of every State on the saino day, and at the same liour, making allowaneo for the dilference of timo - " To boo what action may bo taken to secure noniination and eleution of Cimrlos FranoH Adams as President ot the United States ; and to abolish tbe Spoils system of government." I am vi rv gama that on such a cali there could be but onè i-csult - success. Yourstrulv, EDWAÏID ATKINSON.


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