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A Shocking Massacre

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WASHINGTON, May 18, - A roport has becn rooeived a't tho Wir Department, giving details of tho massacro bv Lndians, Uexioaná and negroos combinod, of' persons in charge of a train of supplii ■- i i route to Fort Stockton at Howard'a Wolle, mar old Fort Lancaster. The facts as reportod to Oen. Augur by Col. Meritt, of tlio NintU cavalry, under dato of tho '2()th of April, froin Fort Clark, aro given as follows : "(n tho 20th inst., I arrivod with tho cavalry at my command at Howard'a Wells, a few houw too late to prevent one of the most horrible niassacres that has ever been perpetrated on the frontier. A Mexican train loaded with United States ooramission stores, on its way from Sun Antonio to Fort Stockton, was attacked by Indians, plundered and burned. All the DOOple with the train, 17 souls in all, were killed or wounded, except ono woraan. My corumand buried 11 bodiesand bronght tliree wounded men and ono wom&n into the tho post. Before arriving at the burning train the lirst intimatioii we had of tho horrible disaster was tho charred and blaokened corpses of soine of the poor victims, but do ono was alivo to teil the horrors of the afïnir. I supposed up to this timo that Capt. iSheriilan, with the infantry of my command was in camp at Howard's Wells, about a milo from the soeuo of tho massacre, and while at soino distanco from tho point the smoke of the boxning wagons, mistaken for his camp fires, couiirmed tliis belief. I knew, at. lenst, that a íergcaat and tour men wre at the Wells in ehurge of forage. The command moved rapidly towards the Wells, wlu-u tho sergeant in charge of the dctauhniuut at that point was met and pointed out tho courso the Indians bad taken with the stolen animáis belonging to the train. In loss time th'in it takea to relato it, the rrail wus found and a rapid pursuit at once made l by companies A and H, of the Ninth cavaíry, oomnianded respeotively by Capt Gooney and Lieut. Vinoent. Aftor following the trail some seven oreight miles, the cavalry carne upon tho Indiana in i'orce apon tho summit of a steep and ulmust impassablo blnfi'. Here a Bhaxp tight oocurrad, in whieh 1 regret to say, Jiuut. Vincent fêll mortally wonnded while leading and attempting to control his men. il shortly aftcr returning t' e about 10 o'clouk that night. Capt. Cooney was painfully tliough not serionsly injared by liis horse falling while moving at a rapid gwit. He, bowover, remouuted and retained his command. The men of his corapany behaved very well, but bcing in tile greut part reeruits, without enoe in Indian iighting, whieh was the caso withcompany H to a stillgreater fxianL t.büR..oi"Hu1uradn profcraoted pursuit of the Indians impracticable. A woman who escapad reports that six Indian? wcre killed in the nght. Words fail to convoy au idea of tho sickening atrooilies ooramittod by the demons that overpowerod the tr.iiu men. 8everal of thetn wero taken uüve, tied to tho ts and btrrned. An .!.! woman wus carried some distance from the place of attack and theu shot and scalped. Her grandohild bad its eurs out off, was scalped, and had its brains dasbed ent, while her daughter, tho mother of tho child, who witnessed it all, as siso tho doath of her husband at tho train, wus csuriei hy the tiendi,. More ;han ono poov wrotoh crawled truin the burning wagons after the rope whieh bound them luid burned oft', only to buril to hlnc tened, wnTi nizablo masses, with their charred hands and faces raised in positions of entreaty. The train had nine men with it. Tho rëmainder wero women uid childron. It is feared one woman was taken away by the bandj though it is possible that &he, as well as tho body unficcoüutcd for, was burned to ashes wirii the wagons. It is ted that the band consisted of from 12 5 to 130, and was componed of Indians, Mexicans from the arnty. A number of arms and supplies of ummunition wi re taken fro:n the train by the band before burning it. llow many .".ruis I cannot say. It was the supply that was lately ( sent from the arsenal at San Antonio to i Fort Stockton." I Gen. Augur, in this report expr ■ the opinión that tho Tndians camo from i Mexico, and tliis beliefd ia anstained by : that Stexicans and deserters froni t colorod regimentn were Wfth them, such ' is universal!}' escaping into ieo. :


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